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The thermal simulation tool for printed circuit boards

Generates results real-time through easy and quick operation in 2D
PICLS is a thermal simulation tool specially designed for thermal simulation of PCBs. PCB modeling can be done easily through simple and quick operation in 2D like E-CAD using layers and PCB manipulating tool. You can import E-CAD data to perform thermal analyses from day 1.

Real-time results

Using typical thermal analysis tools, longer time is required to calculate and attain simulation results. With PICLS, one click and analysis results can be generated real-time. Through simple setting and fast calculation, thermal distribution can be shown on the spot to evaluate effectiveness of thermal countermeasures.

Front loads thermal design processes

PICLS is a simulation tool for designers to perform thermal analyses during upstream design process. Software Cradle’s PICLS is designed to minimize the tasks on design engineers in upstream design phase. Using the tool, design engineers can perform thermal analyses of PCBs during conceptual phase of the development, where drastic design changes are still possible.

High performance

The concept of PICLS is to deliver high capability at low cost. PICLS is a perfect tool that can be installed and maintained without difficulty, which is designed to promote more PCB designers to undertake thermal analyses and achieve better product design.


Thermal countermeasures using PICLS

  • Troubleshooting thermal issues of current products
  • Examining thermal interferences of part layouts
  • Examine the arrangement of thermal vias (e.g. location, number)
  • Examine the performance of a heat sink
  • Examine the size of a PCB
  • Consider heat release changes depending on a wiring pattern (coverage ratio)Examine the arrangement of thermal vias (e.g. location, number)
  • Examine the number of layers and the thickness of copper foil
  • Consider natural/forced air cooling
  • Consider radiant heat
  • Considering heatsinks (number of fins, size
  • Examining heat dissipation performances by connection to enclosure
  • Considering PCB mounting environment


External file interface
・You can import IDF 3.0 and Gerber data

Consideration of simple enclosure
• You can consider heat dissipation by connection to enclosure

• You can allocate and display parts such as plate fins and heat dissipation plates

• You can register and reuse created parts to the library

Cutting out a PCB
• Create a PCB of arbitrary shape by cutting out

• Check the layout of components in 3D

Setting wiring pattern coverage ratio
• Specify the area by rectangle and polygon

Placing thermal vias
• Specify through hole and IVH
• Specify filled via

Setting mounting environment
• Mount horizontally/vertically Consider forced air cooling and radiation

Displaying each layer
• Specify through hole and IVH
• Check each layer by selecting a focused layer

Calculation and result display

Real-time display
• Check component translation in real time

Report output
• Specify through hole and IVH
• Output analysis results as reports

Alert function
• You can check parts whose temperature is higher than threshold

Linking with thermo-fluid analysis
• Specify through hole and IVH
• Output CAB file for scSTREAM or HeatDesigner


PICLS: Floating (non-free license is required)

For details on number of simultaneous activation, software provision, trial offer and any other issues, please contact the sales location in your area.

PICLS Lite (license-free)

Download PICLS Lite, install onto your PC and You can start using now simply by downloading PICLS Lite from download page and installing the software onto your PC.

System configuration

Compliant OS Recommended environment
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 *1
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (6.1 onward) *1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 *1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 *1
*1 Supports license manager only

2.0 GB or more

[Hard disk]
0.5 GB or more free capacity recommended

[Desktop resolution]
1920 x 1080 or greater

Software comparison

Details on software comparison can be found in the following table. Contact the sales location in your area for any inquiries.

License PICLS PICLS Lite
Types Floating License-free
Main functions PICLS PICLS Lite
Multiple layers Up to 16 layers Up to 16 layers
Wiring area specification Available Available
Thermal via Available Available
3D preview Available Available
Displaying each layer Available Available
Cutting out a PCB Available Available
Real-time display Available Available
Automatic report output Available Available
Forced air cooling Available Available
Radiation Available Available
Contact thermal resistance Available Available
Temperature margin, alert function Available Available
IDF3.0 interface Available  
Considering a heatsink Available  
Consideration of simple enclosure Available  
Library Available  
Wiring data (Gerber) import Available  
Drill data import Available  

Download PICLS

You can apply online for downloading PICLS products.

* Upon using PICLS, users must agree with all terms on Terms of Use for Software Cradle’s Services – PICLS.


This is a non-free commercial software, which enables user to use all functions available. To check operating environment, please refer to the details on system configuration.

Type of license Floating


PICLS Lite is a license-free software, which enables users to use partially available functions. To view comparison between PICLS non-free commercial version, please refer to the details on license section.

Type of license License-free

PICLS Lite / Update Module

Update Module 64bit



Is technical support provided?

Technical support for PICLS Lite users is not available. For PICLS users, please contact the sales location in your area for details. If you are unsure, contact us through web form.

How different is PICLS Lite from PICLS?

Using PICLS Lite, users can generate of PCB data, specify the number of layers, and generate components. 3D preview and report output functions are also available. For function comparison between PICLS Lite and PICLS, please read the details under Software Comparison section.

What can be done using PICLS Lite?

PICLS Lite enables users to try certain functions in PICLS, which include setting the number of layers and component generation. 3D preview and report output are also possible. For comparison between PICLS and PICLS Lite, please read the details under Software Comparison section.

Is it possible to use the software on virtual machine?

No, PICLS cannot be used on virtual machines. Please arrange a physical machine.

How regular is version update?

Version updates will be available at irregular basis to provide new functions. You can find the details on revised version whose defects have been fixed on our website news section.

Is it possible to use PICLS on a different machine?

For PICLS users, please contact the sales location in your area. If you are unsure, please contact us through web form. PICLS Lite can be used on any machines since it is a license-free software.

Can I get a quote?

Please contact our sales location in your area. If you are unsure, please contact us through web form.

Is PICLS only available for enterprises/organizations?

Yes, it is only available to enterprises and organizations.

Can PICLS be used by individual users?

PICLS Lite can be used by individual users, but we provide PICLS to enterprises and organizations only.

I would like to know application flow.

Please read the details under License section.


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