• Cradle CFD 2022.1 Released 

    As a multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics solution to enhance your productivity and aid smart manufacturing. Discover Cradle CFD 2022.1 release more details.

  • HxGN Live Design & Engineering 2021 

    VIRTUAL | 12-14 October 2021
    Unite with designers, engineers and manufacturing leaders and travel into the future of Design & Engineering. Explore every aspect of Design and Engineering with our OnDemand content. Watch Now!

  • World’s leading CFD technology available to boost smart manufacturing

    One of Japan's most trusted simulation toolsets and fastest growing provider of CFD and thermal analysis software, available to drive your design performance

  • scFLOW: State-of-the-art, new generation CFD software

    Equipped with the breadth of new technologies and simple, practical features, scFLOW delivers the multi-disciplinary insight customers need. Find out more.

  • scSTREAM: Leading CFD technology dedicated to thermal and air flow simulation

    Designed to easily fit into city, buildings, architecture and electronic designs, scSTREAM has been in the industries for over 30 years and helped customers realize design in a fraction of time. Find out more.



Software Cradle Co., an innovative provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)simulation software.Established in 1984, the company has pursued to offer unique,innovation focused,and highly reliable CFD solutions that enhance customers'
product quality and creativity.


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