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Case studies


To elucidate complex phenomenon

Cradle CFD enables you to evaluate complicated phenomena where solids, liquids, and gases are involved, and obtain detailed results that cannot be identified in real experiments


Air Lift Pump

Ascending Air Bubbles

Bathroom Drying System (temperature distribution)

Boiling Water

Flow Analysis of Damaged Dam

Fluid Deformation Caused by Hitting a Board

Foaming Phenomenon of Resin

Frozen Marine Products (isosurface change)

Full-cone Model

Liquid Film Model

Analysis of Marine Vessel

Milk Crown

Mixing Tank

Object Falling into Fluid

Semiconductor Single-wafer Cleaner (elliptic spray)

Siphon (Coffee Maker)

Snow Particles around Snow Break

Solidification and Melting Analysis

Tsunami Simulation in Tokyo

Vehicle Driving Through Water


Water Ride (6km/h velocity)

Water Simulation around Water Gate

Wave Power Generation

Electrostatic spraygun

Ball mill



Simulation of particle precipitation using DEM (Discrete Element Method)