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Architecture & Civil Engineering

Case studies

Architecture & Civil Engineering

To design safe and sustainable cities

Cradle CFD enables you to simulate changes in the indoor environment, airflow around buildings, heat island phenomenon, tsunami, and obtain detailed estimate results to improve designs


Visualization for Air Flow around Buildings

Ventilation Analysis

Wind Concentration from Trains Entering and Leaving the Station

Proportional Integral Derivative Control

Analysis of a Cooling Tower



Concert Hall

Cooling Tower

Data Center

Data Center Thermal Management

Daylight and Solar Radiation Analysis

Door Opening

Double Skin Facade of Office Building

Free Surface Flow of Air Lift Pump

ree Surface in Cup

House Analysis

Kitchen Hood

Large City Airflow

Large City Airflow

Office Building

Office Building Natural Ventilation

Passive Ventilation

Pipe Flooding

Responsive Air Conditioning Model

Revolving Door

Rooftop AC Exhaust from Multiple Wind Directions

Room with Phase Change Material

Spread of Virus in Classroom by Student Coughing

ansient Humidity of Bathroom

Tsunami Simulation