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Optimization Option

Optimus® - Optimus Process Integration and Design Optimization Software

Optimus has a direct interface with scSTREAM, scFLOW and SC/Tetra, and the optimization can be performed without any additional customization. It also supports a creation of an original GUI using API and an optimization using Quality Engineering (Taguchi Method).




Executes the processes automatically just by constructing a simulation workflow with icons.

Data Mining

Visualizes data immediately. Relationships between the parameters can be grasped easily from sensitivity and correlation analyses.


Optimization algorithm automatically searches the parameters yielding the best performance.

Robustness, Reliability

Predicts the variations in performance from the variations of parts. This enables the design with consideration on the variations in advance.

Optimus® for Cradle

Optimus® for Cradle is an optional tool which allows for the uses of optimization functions of Optimus directly on Software Cradle products. Optimization can be performed with ease, by inputting design variables and other parameters from the dedicated GUI*.

* Optimus for Cradle direct interface for scFLOW will be available in V2020

Comparison Table: Optimus® and Optimus® for Cradle

  Optimus® Optimus® for Cradle
Linkage to Software Cradle products Condition setting ● (Direct interface) ● (Own GUI)
Linkage to third party products Shape modification using CAD ● (Direct Interface) -
Simulation linkage -
Calculation method DOE Total 23 methods Central Composite (inscribed), Latin-Hypercube
Response surface All 5 + Optional 11 methods Least squares, RBF (cubic)
Single-objective optimization Local: Total 5 methods
Global: Total 7 + Optional 5 methods
NLPQL (local optimization)
Multi-objective optimization Total 11 + Optional 5 methods NSEA+
Robustness / Reliability / Quality Engineering Total 7 methods, orthogonal table L4-512, static/dynamic characteristics -
Postprocessing Method Total 23 types Correlation diagram / scatter diagram / optimum solution / Pareto optimality
Model Total 13 types Contour, contribution rate