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Functions (scFLOW & SC/Tetra)



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    scFLOW SC/Tetra
Modeling CAD data Interface (import) Parasolid, STEP, JT, STL, IGES, ACIS, CATIA V6, CATIA V5, CATIA V4, Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/Engineer), SOLIDWORKS, NX, Solid Edge, Inventor, DWG, DXF (3D-face), 3DM, VDAFS, IFC, Nastran, MDL Parasolid, STEP, STL, IGES, ACIS, CATIA V5, CATIA V4, Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/Engineer), SOLIDWORKS, NX, Solid Edge, Inventor, DXF (3D-face), VDAFS, Abaqus, Nastran, Design Space, Plot3D, CGNS
CAD data Interface (export) Parasolid, MDL STL, Nastran, CGNS, Parasolid, MDL
Primitives Cuboid, cylinder, sphere, rectangle (panel) Cuboid, cylinder, sphere, rectangle (panel)
Geometry modification Data cleaning, editing solid, editing sheet, cross-section and extraction, coordinate conversion, wrapping Data cleaning, editing solid, editing sheet, cross-section and extraction, coordinate conversion, turbomachinery (single-pitch extraction), wrapping
Mesh generation and faceter Tetrahedron  
Pentahedron (prism, pyramid)  
Hexahedron   (manual setting)
Cuboid (when the spacial hexahedral mesh is used) (when the internal hexahedral mesh is used)
Polygon (polyhedron)  
Sweep mesh
Thin mesh  
Voxel fitting mesher  
Solid-based surface mesher  
Parasolid faceter
Solid-based facetor  
Conditions Easy set-up through wizard
Unused dialogs hidden
Collective settings to undefined regions
Material property library (editable)
Laminated materials ●  (laminated panel)
Operation and control environment VB Interface
Selectable mouse operation modes
Viewer mode  



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    scFLOW SC/Tetra
Mesh Unstructured mesh
Overset mesh
Mesh adaptation
Mesh adaptation in solver  
Discontinuous mesh interface
ALE (rotation, translation, stretch)
6-degree-of-freedom motion (6DOF)
Mixing plane
Numerical scheme Finite volume method
Convection term accuracy 1st/2nd order (MUSCL/QUICK) upwind scheme, 2nd-order central difference (LES) 1st/2nd order (MUSCL/QUICK) upwind scheme, 2nd-order central difference (LES)
Density based (defect correction method, JFNK method) (defect correction method)
Steady-state / transient calculation
Flow types Incompressible fluid
Buoyancy (Boussinesq approximation)
Multiple fluids
Gas mixing
Turbulence models   Standard k-ε model, RNG k-ε model, MP k-ε model, AKN linear low-Reynolds number k-ε model, realizable k-ε model, SST k-ω model, MPAKN linear low-Reynolds number k-ε model, Spalart-Allmaras one equation model, SA-comp model, LKE k-kL-ε model, SST-SAS model, LES, DES Standard k-ε model, RNG k-ε model, MP k-ε model, AKN linear low-Reynolds number k-ε model, GPC linear low-Reynolds number k-ε model, non-linear low-Reynolds number k-ε model, realizable k-ε model, SST k-ω model, MPAKN linear low-Reynolds number k-ε model, Spalart-Allmaras one equation model, LKE k-kL-ω model, SST-SAS model, LES, DES, VLES
Thermal analysis Heat conduction (fluid/solid)
Convective heat transfer
Heat radiation (view factor method)
Heat radiation (flux method)
Heat conduction panel
Moving heat conduction panel  
Solar radiation
Joule heat
Mean radiation temperature calculation
Graphic output of rays from lamp
SORET effect
Passive scalar  
Index for ventilation effciency / thermal comfort PMV/SET*
Humidity / dew condensation analysis Relative humidity / absolute humidity
Dew condensation
Reaction analysis Chemical reaction
Combustion reaction Eddy-dissipation model Eddy-dissipation model
Thermal CVD analysis  
Particle analysis Marker particles
Mass particles
Charged particles (user-defined function) (user-defined function)
Spray model
Liquid film
Transforming dew condensation
Transforming fluid / volume rate ● (VOF method) ● (VOF method)
Discrete element method (DEM) Contact model Linear spring dashpot model, Hertz-Mindlin model, Walton-Braun model, EEPA mode  
Cloth model  
String model  
Cluster model  
Cohesion model  
Ad / desorption (Humidity)  
Dynamic domain  
Multiphase flow analysis Free surface (VOF method, steady-state/transient, multiphase) (VOF method, transient)
Solidification / melting
Boil / condensation (VOF method, Dispersed multiphase flow) (VOF method)
Evaporation / condensation
Cavitation model / erosion index
Dispersed multiphase flow
Population balance model  
Wall boiling model  
Aerodynamic noise analysis Ffowcs Williams & Hawkings' equation
Weak compressible flow model  
Sound source detection model
Output for Actran fan noise analysis function (Ring Dipoles method)  
Current analysis Conductor current
Conductor potential
Battery model RC model  
P2D model (1D model, 3D model)  
Thermo-regulation model JOS, JOS-2
Flow conditions Velocity
Volume flow rate
Mass flow rate
Power law  
Pressure (static pressure / total pressure)
Natural inflow / outflow
Fan model
Wave generation, wave dissipation (VOF method)
Thermal conditions Fixed temperature
Heat source
Heat transfer coefficient
Contact heat transfer coefficient
Wall conditions No-slip (stationary wall)
Free-slip (symmetry wall)
Log-law condition
Low-Re-number adaptive wall function
Surface roughness
Wall model (LES)  
Pressure conditions Fixed pressure
Pressure loss
Porous media
Source conditions Volume force/pressure loss
Heat generation
Smoke source (diffusing materials)
Turbulence generation
Solid shear heating
Simplified propeller model
Simplified rotor model  
User-defined conditions Variables table / functions
Script functions (JavaScript)  
User-defined function (compilation required)
Calculation control environment Job management
Monitoring the calculation status
Email notification of the calculation
VB interface
Output for visualization Wavelet transform  
Post files output   Software Cradle post files (FPH) Software Cradle post files (FLD, iFLD)
Output for third party software   Abaqus, Nastran, Actran, Femtet, Adams, Marc, Elements, LOGE, JMAG-Designer, EMSolution, FlowNoise, GT-SUITE, FieldView Abaqus, Nastran, Femtet, ADVENTURECluster, JMAG-Designer, EMSolution, Optimus, Isight, modeFRONTIER, LMS Virtual.Lab, Actran, FlowNoise, GT-SUITE, KULI, Flowmaster, LOGE, EnSight, FieldView, AVS



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    scFLOW SC/Tetra
Drawing functions Mesh, vector, contour plots
Isosurface, streamline, pathline, volume rendering
Geometry display (STL file, NFB file, Wavefront OBJ file)
2D graph
Mirror/Periodical copy
Vortex center
Drawing position / orientation Arbitrary plane, surface, entire volume, cylinder
Streamlines, isosurface
Arbitrary scaling
Arbitrary pick ● (scalar / vector value)
Special effects Oil flow ● (on plane / surface)
Texture mapping ●  (on plane / surface, arbitrary geometry with texture)
Lighting, luster, gradation ● (preset, arbitrary)
Transparency, water-like expression, shadow
Ray, Cloth, String, Surface of particles, Road line, Heat transfer, IPC-2581
Animation Vector animation
Flow line animation
Cut-plane sweeping
Marker particle ● (turbulent diffusion effect)
Automatic translation of view point ● (view / focus points can be set)
Key-frame animation, Time line
Animation interpolated between cycles
Analysis results Variable registration (function registration)
Integral (surface / volume) ● (scalar / vector integration)
Comparison ● (clipping function, image compare)
Projected area calculation
Automatic search of the local max / min positions
Import of CSV data
Automatic change of colorbar ● (preset, arbitrary)
Complex values data graphing  
Data image output Microsoft BMP, JPG, PNG ● (size, resolution adjustable)
CradleViewer ● (support steady-state / transient animation, attach to Office applications)
Copy&paste 3D onto Powerpoint
Operation and control environment Selectable help function
OpenGL (Hardware acceleration, software rendering)
VB interface
Selectable mouse operation modes
Stereoscopic view
Plug-in functionality
Partial open field file by SSH
3D-ROM File reading



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    scFLOW SC/Tetra
Cradle fld,fph -> Nastran nas,bdf
Cradle fld,fph -> Abaqus inp
Cradle fld,fph -> I-Deas unv (STL file, NFB file, Wavefront OBJ file)
Cradle fld,fph -> fld
Nastran nas,bdf -> Cradle fld,fph
Abaqus inp,fil -> Cradle fld
I-Deas unv -> Cradle fld
Cradle fld,pre -> Abaqus inp
cgns <--> Cradle fld,fph
Cradle p -> Cradle fld
Cradle fld -> Cradle iFLD
Edit field files
Variable Registration
Cycle Operation
Scale conversion
Edit titles
Edit movies
Sequence number images(BMP,PNG,JPG)
Image synthesis
Frame rate setting
Bit rate setting
Image size setting
Compress/Uncompress AVI, WMV
Continuous images from a movie file
Structure Function
Transient thermal resistance -> Structure Function
HeatPathView List view
Heat balance
Heat path
Network diagram
Volume,Surface area,Thermal resistance of parts
Link with postprocessor
Route calculation by 2 and passing points
Register surface regions  
Create the parasolid fan model  
Execute analyses  
VB interface  
SmartBlades (Centifugal) Create the parasolid fan model  
VB interface  
scMonitor Navigation setting for 3D-ROM  
Parametric Study  
Create 3D-ROM with VB Interface
Cradle XR AR function for iPhone/iPad