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Easy thermal simulation of PCBs by PICLS Lite You can use it FREE!

PICLS Lite is an exceedingly simple to use free thermal simulation tool for electronic circuit boards, produced by the team of leading electronics thermal simulation software, Cradle CFD. It greatly accelerates the conceptual design process for electrical products by enabling any designer to validate the thermal design of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

With PICLS Lite you can easily progress your PCB from conceptual design to mechanical design and kick-start development.

Once you're done - export your mechanical design for full CFD and thermal simulation.

It's easy with no required training

PICLS Lite helps any designer to perform thermal simulation of PCBs easily.

Even if you are unfamiliar with thermal design simulation, it’s possible to quickly & easily obtain insightful information about thermal performance, with minimum stress.

Intuitive operation

You can quickly build a thermal model through simple and quick operations in 2D as you would in electronics computer-aided design (ECAD) software.

You can operate on PCB layers, place and edit parts intuitively, and also consider the effect of wiring and thermal vias.

It provides results instantly

Using its ECAD-style interface, you can move components around and design thermal vias across layers. It’s easy to change natural flow and forced convection and consider the effect. You can run simulation instantly without configuring complex calculations and see the resulting effects on your thermal design and keep changing until you are satisfied.

It links seamlessly with the advanced simulation

PICLS Lite will do everything you need for conceptual design and simpler projects. When you need to develop your product further, PICLS Lite data can be exported seamlessly to advanced thermal fluid dynamics simulation Cradle CFD (scSTREAM or HeatDesigner) for detailed analyses.

Get started now
PICLS Lite is available free of charge – just fill out form on right and get started in minutes.