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Stanton number

Stanton number

Stanton number is a dimensionless number that represents the ratio of heat transfer coefficient to heat capacity of a fluid.
It is expressed with the following equation:

St : Stanton number
: Heat transfer coefficient [W/(m2∙K)]
ρ : Density [kg/m3]
C: Specific heat [J/(kg∙K)]
: Flow velocity [m/s]

Stanton number indicates the degree of amount of heat delivered by fluid when there is heat transfer between solid surface and fluid. The greater Stanton number is, the more effectively heat is transferred.
Stanton number is expressed as below using different types of dimensionless numbers:

Nu : Nusselt number
Re : Reynolds number
Pr : Prandtl number
Pe : Péclet number

Stanton number is named after the British engineer Thomas Edward Stanton.