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Chapter 1: What is thermo-fluid analysis?

1.1: Flow-related phenomena

Air and water at room temperature flow with no specific shape. We give these flowing things a generic name fluid. Since there are various fluids on earth - air and water are the popular ones - many of the phenomena observed around us are related to flow of fluid.

Figure 1.1: Flow of air and water

For automobiles and airplanes, their performances are greatly influenced by how the air flows around them. For urban planning, creating wind passages and preventing strong winds are among the important factors in developing a comfortable city.

Figure 1.2: Flows

For electronics, it is necessary that temperature of the components is not too high. It is therefore a big agenda to understand how heat transfers between the components and how they can be cooled effectively with different air-flows.

Figure 1.3: Heat and flow

It is not just heat that is transferred by flow. For example, an exhaust smoke from a factory spread by the wind is another flow-related phenomenon.

Figure 1.4: Flow and material transport

As we have seen, flow and heat transfer are closely linked to our livelihood. Understanding these phenomena is essential to product development and environment management.


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