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Smarter Multiphysics CFD
Software Cradle Empowers the Future of Co-simulation


At Software Cradle, we are proud of our suite of CFD products that embrace everything from simulating Couette flows to hypersonic shocks, from applications spanning aerospace and automotive to shipbuilding and mining applications, and everything in between. And, with a 36 year pedigree of robust, accurate, pragmatic, usable tools we have put in place a strategy to deliver multiphysics-focused CFD solutions to our community of users led by our flagship scFLOW and MSC CoSim software products, the most modern toolsets in the CFD market.

This e-Book sheds some light on the diversity of cutting-edge applications touched by fluids engineering today, encompassing compelling case studies demonstrating the scope and range of applications in which CFD simulation is helping industries and companies innovate. Industrial leaders and technology innovation centres from all industries are leveraging CFD solutions to better understand, improve and validate their new designs or enact countermeasures. Discover in this e-Book how Panasonic, Boostheat, Analog Way, Goldwin, and Stirling Aviation relies on Cradle CFD simulation to meet both their customers’ expectations and legislative regulations. A less obvious sector where CFD plays a significant role today is the environmental and sustainability sector. Tokai University in Japan has used CFD simulation for over a decade to validate the integrity of their multiple competition winning Trans-Australia solar car designs. Finally, you can also read about how engineers at Kindai University are employing Cradle CFD solutions to understand the movement of Bluefin tuna in our oceans to help preserve and grow fish stocks.

Since CFD, now more than ever, is at the centre of global environmental challenges and product technology differentiators, this e-book intends to serve as a compilation of useful customer application insights on the role of modern multiphysics-focused CFD led co-simulations pioneered by Software Cradle and MSC Software today.