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Isuzu Motors Limited
Automatic Design Analysis for Engine Components utilizing VB Interface


 Design engineers in engine design department of Isuzu Motors Limited (hereinafter, Isuzu) have used "SC/Tetra", a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tool developed by Software Cradle, since 2002. Now, they have taken one step further and started the automation of analyses and achieved the linkage to an optimization tool. All these accomplishments were brought about by means of "VB interface", which links SC/Tetra to "Visual Basic". We interviewed an Isuzu staff about how they actually promote the introduction of the design analysis tool.


Kiyoshi Shirato
Equipment design group 1
Engine equipment design division of Isuzu
Motors Limited

Fig.2 Diagram of optimization using the link (in the case of water jacket). Compared to the manual optimization, the magnitude of average velocity in the water jacket and its evenness among different cylinder considerably improved. Click to enlarge.

Enabling the Linkage to an Optimization Tool

 In the next step, Mr. Shirato started developing with the linkage to an optimization tool (hereinafter, the link). For the link, he utilized VB interface of SC/Tetra in the same way as the automation tool. This enables the automation of the optimization process, which combines CAD, shape morphing tool, SC/Tetra, and optimization tool.

 What motivated him to start developing the link was a technical seminar held by Software Cradle at the end of 2006. Mr. Shirato recalls, "I was greatly inspired by a case study in which automated geometry optimization is available by combining geometric morphing tool, SC/Tetra, and optimization tool. The automated geometry optimization was made possible for designing data of air supply box of an air conditioner or front wing of a formula car." Then, he developed the link within a few weeks. When he applied the link for the optimization of water jacket that is engine cooling parts, he obtained simulation results that produced better performances in the same amount of time as the manual operations (Fig. 2). He emphasizes, "The optimization operation, where users apply parameters themselves in various combinations, should be performed using computers to obtain results with higher accuracy. More than anything, design engineers can work on other operations while their computers are performing the optimization, and this has significance for the company."

Emphasizing Basic Trainings

 As a future e ort, Mr. Shirato mentions the establishment of an in-house structure for training on the basics of CFD and SC/Tetra. He says, "I know design engineers use the automation tool for the usability; however, they cannot expect any progress as long as they just use the tool without knowing anything about thermo-fluid analysis. I want all design engineers to know the advantages of the automation tool after learning the basics of SC/Tetra, and to determine how to use the analysis tool themselves." Besides, he is considering introducing a new structure to make analyses more efficient by sharing designing information among all design engineers.

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Company Details


Isuzu Motors Limited
Foundation/Establishment 1916/April 1937
Major Products Heavy- medium- and light-duty trucks, buses, passenger vehicle engines, industrial-use diesel engines.
President and Representative Director Susumu Hosoi
Headquarters TOKYO
Capital 40.6 billion yen (March 2012)



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