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User Conference 2011-2019

User Conference 2019 (October 23, 2019)

[Keynote] University of Tsukuba Simulation and Data Utilization in Digital Age
Metalsa, S.A. de C.V. ESS Merge/ALSIM and DELIGHT EDDL Paint Simulation for Truck Frames
YAMAHA MOTOR CO.,LTD. Aerodynamics of racing vehicles using SC/Tetra
Panasonic Corporation Thermal Design at Connected Solutions Company of Panasonic
RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION Application of Fluid Analysis on Inkjet Printing System
ESS (Engineering Software Steyr) Saving Potentials using Alsim Paint Shop Simulations
Noesis Solutions Managing Different Levels of Fidelity in CFD using Data Fusion
Advanced Design Technology Japan Co., Ltd. Optimization of a Pump Impeller by using TURBOdesign Suite and scFLOW
Obayashi Corporation Computational design with Grasshopper and scSTREAM for Integrated Design
SHINRYO CORPORATION Analysis of Flow Noise for an Air-Handling Piping System Using SC/Tetra and Actran
DAIHEN Corporation Application Case of Nozzle Jet in Arc Spraying using Density-Based Solver
Shinnihon Reiki Co., Ltd Flow analysis of sprinkler in large cooling tower for industrial use

User Conference 2018 (October 19, 2018)

[Keynote] National Institute of Aerospace Adventure in Algorithm Development for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Panasonic Corporation Example of Thermal Analysis of LCD Module using Lamp Function in scSTREAM
NICHICON CORPORATION Points for Designing a Radiator
NAMURA SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD Reduction of Marine CO2 Emissions: SC/Tetra Applications in Ship Model Development
KIRIU CORPORATION Approach for the Improvement of the Performance of the Automotive Brake Disc
KYUDENKO CORPORATION Evaluation on Indoor Thermal Environment and Energy Consumption Using CFD Simulation
General Building Research Corporation of Japan Prediction of Wind Environment in Urban Area by scSTREAM
MARUYAMA MFG. CO., INC Robust Design of Centrifugal Blowser Section Using SC/Tetra
Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd Strategies for Optimizing the Design of Propeller Fan and Case Studies of Coupled Analysis

User Conference 2017 (October 20, 2017)

Material Corporation
Challenge to the World - Shitamachi Bobsleigh Project!
Keihin Corporation The Flow Channel Geometry Optimization of HVAC from a Coupled Analysis using SC/Tetra and Optimus
Texas A&M University Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Assessment of a High-Lift Wing with a Slat-Cove Filler for Noise Reduction
NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD Wind Tunnel Tool for Designers and Evaluation of Cool Spot by Human Body Model
TONETS Corporation Integration of 3D Scan Data and CFD by In-House Software
NIPPON PNEUMATIC MFG CO.,LTD. Application Case of Hydraulic Striking Device using Dynamical Feature of SC/Tetra

Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd. Design and Analysis of Marine Propellers using SC/Tetra

NIKON CORPORATION Large-Scale Analysis over 500 Million Element
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED Approach for the Thermal Design and Thermal Verification for Electronic Parts and Utilization of Thermal Analysis Tools; Excel-PICLS-CFD Way

User Conference 2016 (October 21, 2016)

[Keynote] WASEDA University Progress of Performance and Reliability Evaluation for Turbomachinery System Based on Simulation Technologies
BROTHER INDUSTRIES, LTD. Application of Air Flow Simulation for Small Laser Printers
Panasonic Corporation Simulation Examples of Interaction between scSTREAM and an Optimization Tool
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Adaptive Thermal Comfort: An Extended Approach for Conditioned Indoor Environment using Computational Fluid Dynamics
SANKI ENGINEERING CO., LTD. 3D Simulation System for Airflow Analyses using MR Technologies
Aichi Steel Corporation Example of Multi-Phase Flow Analyses of Air and Molten Metal using scSTREAM
TOTO LTD. Case Study of Applying Simulation in Production Process of Ceramic Sanitary Ware
Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. Flow and Thermal Analysis of Cooling and Exhaust Systems of a Motorcycle using SC/Tetra
Kurume Institute of Technology Future Mobility Aerodynamic Design with SC/Tetra

User Conference 2015 (October 16, 2015)

[Keynote] The University of Tokyo Development of Integrated System of Simulation and Medical Images for Predicitive Medicine
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Transient Analysis for Predicting A/C Performance of Housing Environment by CFD Co-cycle Simulation
JGC CORPORATION Large-scale Analyses of Airflow in LNG Plant Facility using scSTREAM on the FOCUS Supercomputer
JX Engineering Corporation Application Case Study of User Functions for SC/Tetra and scSTREAM Operation
PRIMIX Corporation Analysis of Dispersion Aggregates in High Speed Mixers
KOJIMA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION Automating Duct Analyses using SC/Tetra

Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Thermal Design Approach with the Application of HeatDesigner

Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company Application of Thermal Fluid analysis by Design Engineers to Minimize Development

User Conference 2014 (October 17, 2014)

[Keynote] Bsize Inc. Digital Fabrication Advances Gives us Chance to be New MAKERS
TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Development of CFD Shape Optimization Technology using the Adjoint Method
Primearth EV Energy Co.,Ltd. CFD Application for Designing Vehicle Battery System
Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute Thermal Fluid Analysis to Improve Heat Measurement Technology
OLYMPUS CORPORATION CAE Application to Product Development
The University of Tokyo Hospital Hemodynamics in Cerebrovascular Diseases - Roles of Direct Measurement vs. Simulation
FURUKAWA INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Prediction of Centrifugal Pump Performance using SC/Tetra
Maeda Corporation Wind Response of High-Rise Buildings in Urban Areas
National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo Analysis of Temperature/Humidity Distribution and Airflow inside Display Case Using scSTREAM

User Conference 2013 (October 18, 2013)

[Keynote] Nippon Bunri University The story of unique micro windmill turbine system using what dragonfly taught us
Toyota Motor Corporation Introduction of the computational fluid dynamics utilization
ORIENTAL MOTOR Co., Ltd. Application of optimization techniques for electronics thermal design.
AW ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Application of Fluid Analysis for Oil-hydraulic Circuit Design of Automatic Transmission*
Panasonic Corporation Long term effort to realize real useful CFD
Nabtesco Corporation FSI Analysis of Closing Valves Using SC/Tetra and Abaqus/Expilcit
TAISEI CORPORATION Wind-resistant Design of High-rise Buildings Using LES
Dalian Jiaotong University / Beijing Computing Center Application for High Speed Train and Cloud Service Platform for Industry
SHINRYO CORPORATION Mechanical Planning and Design with BIM

User Conference 2012 (October 19, 2012)

[Keynote] Tokai University Technologies of World's Fastest Solar Car
Valeo Thermal Systems A Combined Approach to Optimize by Simulation the Aerodynamic Function of the Fan System Used for Engine Cooling in Automotive Application
Tokyo National College of Technology The Application of Fluid Analysis and Experimental Analysis for the Investigation of Peculiar Phenomena in Fluid Machineries
ZSAS Inc Efficient Collaboration of the Tools for a Thermal Design Through the Utilization of ThermoSherapa and HeatDesigner
DAI-DAN Co., LTD. Practical Use of scSTREAM in Development of Misting and A/C System (Econo Spot)
Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd. Numerical and Experimental Investigation into Propulsion and Cavitation Performance of Marine Propeller
HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY Study about cabin temperature of ev vehicle using heat source
RICOH COMPANY, LTD. Application of CFD Analysis to a Whole Copier Including Heat Transport of Paper
TOPCAE Corporation Introduction of CFD-related features of next-generation Pre-Processor ANSA equipped with SC/Tetra I/F
FUJITSU LIMITED Speed-up in “scSTREAM” and “SC/Tetra” 
- Key factors to improve the platform in the case examples -

User Conference 2011 (October 21, 2011)

[Keynote] Osaka Prefecture Univeersity Bio-system Inspired Optimization Algorithm (BIOA)
- Application of BIOA to Control Systems in Plant Factory -
MARUYASU INDUSTRIES co.,ltd. Optimization of the EGR cooler using CFD
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  Development of High Performance Gasket Using CFD
TAKENAKA CORPORATION Development of personal air conditioner using SC/Tetra
Denso Corporation Analysis system for HVAC
TORISHIMA PUMP MFG. CO., LTD. Role of CFD in the pump development 
~Torishima's challenge to win in the world~
Panasonic Corporation Computer Simulation Technologies for the Development of Digital AV Products
MARUYASU INDUSTRIES co.,ltd. Optimization of the EGR cooler using CFD
Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. The collaboration between BIM and environment simulation in Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.
FUJITSU LIMITED PC-cluster solution developed by Fujitsu - enabling to speed-up the development process and to improve high operational development efficiency
Cybernet Systems Co.,Ltd. Optimal design of compact axial fun using SC/Tetra and optimal design assistant tool, Optimus
CEDIC CO., LTD. Underhood analysis module development and applications using SC/Tetra
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Introduction of BIM(Building Information Modeling) support and CAD interface