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User Conference 2001-2010

User Conference 2010

Wright State University
From Insects to MAV -the Next Grand Challenge in Aerodynamic Designs
ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED Introduction to the utilization status of SC/Tetra in engine equipment designing department of Isuzu Motors Limited.
TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Development of Thermal Management Analysis of Engine Room and Under Floor
Panasonic Corporation Approach to heat analysis of LSI/PKG/PCB
SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. Case study of SC/Tetra in Projector Design
ORIENTAL MOTOR CO., LTD. Presentation of the new book of fluid dynamics, which is intelligible by using CradleViewer.
SANDEN CORPORATION CFD (computational fluid dynamics) technology development of a scroll compressor.
The University of Kitakyushu Coupled Simulation Tool of CFD Analysis and HVAC System
ALTAIR ENGINEERING, LTD. Introduction to SC/Tetra analysis examples using Altair HyperWorks
Microsoft Corporation Introduction to next-generation HPC environment, "Windows HPC Server 2008 R2"
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Cavitation models and VOF method on overset meshes
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Multi-phase Flow Analysis using MARS Method

User Conference 2009

[Keynote] Kinki University Swimming ability of fish: a biomechanical approach
SUZUKI Motor Corporation Development of Automated System on Steady State Flow Analysis for IC Engine using SCT
NEC Electronics Corporation Introduction and Outline Explanation on the Thermal Analysis Guide Book
YAMAHA MOTOR Co., Ltd. The merits and demerits of CAE - What has CAE brought to engineers?
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Recycling the design know-how by using templates of thermal analysis
Panasonic Corporation Examples of thermal fluid analysis for the development of home appliances
KYUDENKO CORPORATION Evaluation of airflow and contamination characteristics for factory air-conditioning by CFD analysis
Chiyoda Advanced Solutions Corporation Thermal analysis on a space suit using SCRYU/Tetra
NIKON CORPORATION Moving object Analysis for the development of semiconductor manufacturing tool
Microsoft Co., Ltd. Windows HPC Server 2008 for high productivity
Cray Japan Inc. Trend of HPC market and introduction of Cray computer products
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Analyses of free-surface flows by means of the Volume of Fluid method
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Case study of analyses using multiblock

User Conference 2008

[Keynote] Kyoto University Application of Model Based Technology to Energy Conservation and Commissioning of HVAC Systems
Yamatake Corporation Building Systems Company Application case of SC/Tetra for development of a rotary control valve that has an improved cavitation resistance
Hokkaido Industrial Technology Center The application of SC/Tetra for development of fishing weight
NIKKEN SEKKEI RESEARCH INSTITUTE Study on bio-climatic design in outdoor space by Numerical analysis
WindStyle Co., Ltd. The latest issue of air flow around buildings and the prediction of the result, and quality of the evaluation
M-TEC Co., Ltd. The Example of Using CFD for Development of Racing Car Engine
TOYOTA TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Development of Temperature Estimation Technology of Power Control Unit for a Hybrid Vehicle
National Defense Academy Cooling Fan Model for Thermal Design of Compact Electronic Equipment
Oki Printed Circuits Co., Ltd Thermal Analysis for Printed Wiring Boards
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Dynamical function - Extended operation of motion
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. New Function on Thermal Analysis with Gerber Data Consideration

User Conference 2007

[Keynote] Keio University Can Electric Vehicles save the earth?
ALPINE ELECTRONICS.INC, Examples of thermal-fluid analysis using HPC
Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. Numerical Study of Sweet Test for Air-conditioner Reliability
Kumagaigumi Co., Ltd. The application example of scSTREAM for the change of design at construction stage
TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Development of roadside air quality simulation
TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Development of water level predicting method around the air intake duct by using multivariate analysis
Hyundai-Kia Motors A Study on the bending airflow phenomenon at the vehicle defroster nozzle
Fujitsu Gereral Institude of Air-Conditioning Technology LTD. An Application of CFD in Development a Refrigerant Distributor for Air-conditioner
Jichi Medical University Fluid dynamic analsysis of cerebral aneurysm and SC/Tetra system

User Conference 2006

[Keynote] Microsoft Co., Ltd. HPC solution provided by Microsoft Co., Ltd and its vision
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. The examples of analysis with scSTREAM
TOSTEM CORPORATION Thermo-fluid analysis with scSTREAM for insulating techniques of openings and prevention of condensation in product design
The University of Kitakyushu Evaluation of Thermal Environment around the Human Body under the Condition of Spot Cooling with Coupled Simulation of 65-Node Thermoregulation Model and CFD
FUJI PHOTO FILM CO.,LTD. Thermal design process of commercial equipment
Sony Corporation Remarkable improvements in the LED backlight design process with the CFD
AISIN SEIKI CO.,LTD. Fluid Analysis for Water Pump Development
KEIHIN Corporation An airflow-static pressure characteristic (P-Q characteristic) prediction for automobile HVAC system with using SCRYU/Tetra
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. The examples of analysis with SC/Tetra
Kanazawa Institute of Technology CFD Analysis of a Roadable Aircraft fixed Inflatable Ring Wing
Honda R&D Co., Ltd. CFD Analysis in Motorcycle Development at Honda

User Conference 2005

[Keynote] Kyoto University Emergency Management and Disaster Reduction Strategy for Business
Dome Co., Ltd. Examples of CFD Analysis in Racing Car Development
MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION Co-simulation Case with One-dimensional Analysis in Automotive Cooling System
ALPINE ELECTRONICS,INC. The Use of Thermal Analysis in ALPINE and Future Subjects
Kawasaki Heavy Industries,LTD Heat Transfer Analysis for Turbine Cooling Design with SC/Tetra
Sony Corporation Examples of CFD analysis on X-Z type Fan-Module
Shinryo Corpolation New Application Examples of CFD in Shinryo Corpolation

User Conference 2004

[Keynote] Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo Computational Aeroacoustics:Present Status and Its Future
YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./YEC CO., LTD. Application Case Examples of Shape Optimization by use of SCRYU/Tetra in Automotive Engine Development
ECIM Ltd. Flow Noise Research Lab Study on the numerical analysis of aeroacoustic noise by using SC/Tetra and FlowNoise
Ishikawajima Shibaura Machinery Co., Ltd. Application Examples of CFD by Using SCRYU/Tetra in Ishikawajima Shibaura Machinery
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED Examples of CFD Analysis on Car Navigation System
Nikko Materials CO., LTD. Compound Semiconductor Epitaxial Growth and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Taisei Corporation Example of CFD Analysis in Architectural Design

User Conference 2003

[Keynote] Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine The Challenge of Modelling and Simulating Separation from Continuous Surfaces
Hino Motors,Ltd. Aerodynamics Prediction Technology of the Truck using CFD
Independent Administrative Institution Port and Airport Research Institute Risk Analysis of Inundation in Coastal Urban Area by scSTREAM
AISIN SEIKI CO.,LTD. Fluid Analysis for Engine Component Development
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. CAE Management for AVC Products Development
ORIENTAL MOTOR CO.,LTD. Comparison with simulation and PIV measurement of the inside flow of turbofan
TOKYO GAS CO.,LTD. Examples of study by use of scSTREAM in TOKYO GAS

User Conference 2002

[Keynote] Shibaura Institute of Technology The 21st Century: It is a Hydrogen Age!
Musashi Institute of Technology Case Study of CFD Simulation on Office Model with Ceiling Air Diffuser - Modeling of Complex Air Diffuser for CFD Simulation -
Oriental Motor CO. Ltd. Application of compact fan with SC/Tetra
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Thermal-fluid analysis examples in SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
ANRITSU CORPORATION Thermal-fluid analysis of electric equipment designer" - ABC book of HeatPAC -
Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. Simulated examples of thermal environment in prefabricated houses
Denso Co., Ltd. SC/Tetra utilizations of CAE on product development

User Conference 2001

Taikisha Ltd. Thermal fluid Applications of Taikisha
TOSHIBA CARRIERCORPORATION Examples of thermal fluid analysis in Toshiba Carrier Corporation
NEC Corporation Comparing of grid roughness, analysis accuracy and comparing of HeatPAC and software of other developers
Osaka University Numerical Study of Rotating Stall in a Pump Vaned Diffuser
TOTO LTD. Thermal Fluid Analysis Examples of TOTO
Toyota Motor Corporation/TOYOTA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. Estimating the performance of air conditioning system utilizing SC/Tetra