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Company History: 1984 - Present

1984  Mar Limited company Software Cradle established.
Released scSTREAM.
1985  Jul
Tokyo office established.
Organization changed into Software Cradle Co., Ltd.
1987  Mar
Released SCRYU and Atrac.
Head office relocated to Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
1988  Mar Released Pre.M.
1990  Jun
Published A turbulent flow model applying for hydrodynamics as the commemoration in which the number of sales of scSTREAM exceeded 100.
1991  Apr
Held the first User's Conference.
Annually held ever since.
1992  May
Released VIENUS.
1993  Apr
Released PROSNER.
1995  Jun Head office relocated to Shin-Osaka Prime Tower.
Released ELMA.
1997  Feb Released scSTREAM for Windows.
1998  Jun
Released HeatDesigner.
Released SC/Tetra for Windows(for Japan).
1999  Jun Released SCRYU for Windows.
2001  Sept Released SC/Tetra for Windows overseas.
2002  Mar
Received "Technical Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kansai Branch".
Exhibited at SAE2002 World Congress.
2002  Aug Released CADthru.
2003  Mar Tokyo office relocated.
2005  Apr Cumulative sales of scSTREAM exceeded 1000 copies.
Awarded by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan for contribution to the development of information systems.
2007  Apr
Tokyo sales office promoted to Tokyo branch office.
Headquarters relocated to Mainichi Intecio in Kita-ku, Osaka.
2008  Mar
SC/Tetra sold more than 1000 in total.
Cradle North America Inc. established.
2010  Nov Tokyo office relocated to Gate city Osaki.
2011  Jan Applied Thermal Fluid Analysis Center, established in Taipei, Taiwan.
2013  Jul
Established ContraVolts InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.
Established Cradle North America Inc. France Office.
2015  Jun Released PICLS
2016  Nov
Released scFLOW
Software Cradle joins MSC Software Corporation
2019  Sept Shifted business operation to software development and planning due to MSC Software group restructuring
2020      Nov Tokyo office relocated.