Company History: 1984 - Present

  • March, 1984
    Limited company Software Cradle established.
    Released scSTREAM
  • July, 1985
    Tokyo office established
    Organization changed into Software Cradle Co., Ltd.
  • March, 1987
    Released SCRYU and Atrac
    Headquarters relocated to Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
  • March, 1988
    Released Pre.M
  • June, 1990
    Published "A turbulent flow model applying for hydrodynamics" as the commemoration in which the number of sales of scSTREAM exceeded 100.
  • April, 1991
    Held the first User's Conference.
    Annually held ever since.
  • May, 1992
    Released VIENUS
  • April, 1993
    Released PROSNER
  • June, 1995
    Head office relocated to Shin-Osaka Prime Tower.
    Released ELMA
  • February, 1997
    Released scSTREAM for Windows
  • June, 1998
    Released HeatDesigner
    Released SC/Tetra for Windows(for Japan)
  • June, 1999
    Released SCRYU for Windows
  • September, 2001
    Released SC/Tetra for Windows overseas
  • March, 2002
    Received "Technical Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kansai Branch".
    Exhibited at SAE2002 World Congress.
  • August, 2002
    Released CADthru
  • March, 2003
    Tokyo office relocated
  • April, 2005
    Cumulative sales of scSTREAM exceeded 1000 copies.
    Awarded by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan for contribution to the development of information systems.
  • April, 2007
    Tokyo sales office promoted to Tokyo branch office
    Headquarters relocated to Mainichi Intecio in Kita-ku, Osaka
  • March, 2008
    SC/Tetra sold more than 1000 in total
  • June, 2008
    Cradle North America Inc. established
  • November 1, 2010
    Tokyo office relocated to Gate city in Osaki, Tokyo
  • January, 2011
    Applied Thermal Fluid Analysis Center, established in Taipei, Taiwan

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