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May 18, 2011
Cradle Releases scSTREAM and HeatDesigner V9

July 2011/ -- Cradle announces the release of scSTREAM and HeatDesigner Version 9 (V9) CFD software. They include the latest capabilities for modeling complex general purpose physical phenomena using strutured grids with scSTREAM and electronics thermal analysis with HeatDesigner.
scSTREAM and HeatDesigner are structured grid CFD software that have been used for a wide variety of commercial applications since 1984. scSTREAM features user-friendly operability and high calculation speed. HeatDesigner is based on scSTREAM and is widely used in the electronic industry for design and development of electronic components and products.
V9 products provide users with several new features that increase simulation capabilities and enable CFD to be more fully integrated into the design process. Some examples include:
* Removal of several multi-block functions restrictions. This enables a multi-block model to stimulate diffusion, electric current, humidity, solidification and melting, solar radiation, and much more.
* Development of connected block capabilities enable connecting groups of multi-blocks together which enables better and more efficient handling of the sub-blocks. This is useful when meshing small parts that are in close proximity to each other.
*Inclusion of a Large Eddy Simulation (LES) turbulence model analyzes the instantaneous turbulent flow field instead of using the mean values.
* Inclusion of a direct interface with Autodesk(R)Revit(R)Architecture enables an add-in dynamic link library (dll) to set the thermal-fluid analysis conditions,
* New models for sky solar radiation, humidity transfer in a solid, wave generation (free surface simulations) and dissipation increase simulation capabilities for architectural, civil engineering, and construction applications.
*Specific HeatDesigner enhancements include three different thermal resistance models, heat generation at a junction, and slanted fan models.
These are just a sample of the enhanced capabilities in V9.


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                                   Direct interface supporting BIM                  Connection of multi-blocks


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