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May 18, 2011
Cradle Releases SC/Tetra V9

July 2011/ -- SC/Tetra Version 9 (V9), Cradle's flagship unstructured mesh computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, has been released with powerful new features that enable Cradle users to set-up, solve, and post process CFD simulations faster than ever.
SC/Tetra V9 has progressed to a new stage of simplification since its inception in 1998 when the vision of making CFD in integral tool of the daily engineering process was conceived. Introduction of one of the industry's first auto mesh generators, a boundary condition wizard, highly efficient solver, and powerful physical models have all advanced this objective.
SC/TetraV9 offers a new level of capabilities.
*Meshing enhancements speed most grid generation functions by nearly a factor of two and surface wrapping by a factor of four.
*A parallel computing edition efficiently allocates process computations to each core to maximize computational speed.
*Combining the free surface method and overset mesh enables simulation of a dynamical moving object such as an object falling into a liquid or stirring of a liquid where the rotating blades break the free surface.
*An optional function seamlessly couples SC/Tetra with Abaqus enabling simulation of transient fluid/structure interactions.
* The full cavitation model more accurately models the physics in the low pressure regions where steep density gradients occur. This includes formation and transport of vapor bubbles and consideration of the amount of noncondensible gases which are dissolved or ingested in the operating fluid.
*A boundary layer transition turbulence model simulates the highly complex transition from a laminar to turbulent boundary layer.
* A solidification/melting model accounts for both the latent heat from the phase change in the solid and the heat transfer from the moving liquid phase.
* An enhanced human body thermoregulation model simulates changes in metabolic state e.g. when the body goes from an active to resting state. This is an important consideration for transient analyses.
* Improved mesh quality and 25% speed increase when generating the prism layer along solid boundaries
SC/Tetra V9 has many more enhancements than can be listed here. These improvements continue to confirm Cradle's strength in providing full general purpose CFD software that is built for real world engineering challenges.

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      Combined use of VOF and overset mesh                               Full Cavitation Model



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