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Nov 9, 2012
scSTREAM and HeatDesigner V10 Now Released

November 2012/ -- Software Cradle announces the release of scSTREAM and HeatDesigner Version 10 structured grid Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software. scSTREAM is the counterpart of Cradle's flagship unstructured grid, general purpose SC/Tetra CFD software. HeatDesigner is a specialized application of scSTREAM for electronics cooling.
Version 10 contains many new features that provide scSTREAM and HeatDesigner structured grid users in architecture, civil engineering, HVAC, and electronics cooling, enhanced functional capabilities usually reserved for unstructured grid CFD products.
Heat Pipe Model
Some of the new features include:
- Direct import of the majority of major Native CAD formats into the SC/Tetra V10 integrated preprocessor including CATIA, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, NX, SolidEdge, and Inventor. As always, IGES, VDAS and ACIS formats are seamlessly imported.
- A new preprocessing option for scSTREAM that greatly enhances BIM (Building Information Model) by directly importing architectural data from Graphisoft ArchiCAD architectural design software into scSTREAM without going through an intermediate file. This includes automatic simplification of the data to adapt it for CFD, cleaning functions, direct transfer of architectural information, and material and solar properties. scSTREAM also provides these capabilities for Revit.
- Feature expansion of moving objects which simulates moving objects entering and moving through the computational domain.
- Expanded parts library including Peltier Devices, Heat Pipes, and new Air Conditioning (A/C) configurations.
- Accommodate large models containing up to 1 billion elements using parallel computing and the HPC (High Performance Computing) edition.
- An optional integrated optimization program using the Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) that enables optimization of multiple objectives.
- A heat path viewer utility that graphically shows the path of heat flow. This greatly facilitates post-analysis by visually depicting where the heat comes from and where it flows.
- And much more
These new features in scSTREAM and HeatDesigner Version 10 continue to strengthen their respective positions as best-in-class CFD solutions for structured grid applications.
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