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Nov 9, 2012
SC/Tetra V10 Released

November 2012/ -- The release of Cradle SC/Tetra Verison 10 (V10) general purpose, unstructured grid CFD software continues to set the standard by which other CFD software are measured.
SC/Tetra is recognized for its hallmark robust preprocessor with integrated geometry repair tools, flexible and controllable and fully parallelized hybrid grid generator which makes for exceptionally fast meshing. The preprocessor is combined with powerful physical models, a fast and memory efficient solver, complementary fully parallelized post-processing tools, and stand-alone viewer.
In V10, SC/Tetra has added new features and functionality some of which include:
- Direct import of the majority of major Native CAD formats into the SC/Tetra V10 integrated preprocessor including CATIA, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, NX, SolidEdge, and Inventor. As always, IGES, VDAS and ACIS formats are seamlessly imported.
- Accommodate large models containing up to 1 billion elements.
- A new density based solver for high Mach Number compressible flows using a fully coupled solver that solves the mass, momentum, and energy equations simultaneously.
- A new VOF (Volume of Fluid) model used for free surfaces that is 10X faster than the previous model.
- An SST-SAS (Shear Stress Transport - Scale Adaptive Simulation) turbulence model used for highly unsteady regions, e.g. separation zones, and where large scale turbulence structures can be resolved without the time and grid scale resolution issues inherent with other methods.
- Enhanced radiation heat transfer functionality including radiation through optics, radiation from heated moving elements, and UV output.
- Improved artificial compressibility cavitation model for stable steady state analyses.
- An optional integrated optimization program using the Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) that enables optimization of multiple objectives.
SC/Tetra V10 includes several other enhancements that continue to make it a best-in-class CFD solution for addressing real world engineering challenges.
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