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Webinar: PICLS - At a Glance

PICLS - At a Glance

Duration Approximately 20 Minutes
Objective This video will help to familiarize attendees with the PCB thermal analysis software PICLS. Attendees will learn about PICLS and its features, when to use the software, how to perform the operations, and how to prepare models and simulate.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:
  • Features and usage of PICLS
  • Basic theory behind PICLS
  • How to operate PICLS and use shortcuts
  • How to create models in PICLS
  • How to use external PCB, wiring, and drill data
  • The connection between PICLS and scSTREAM/HeatDesigner
Course Outline
  1. Introduction to PICLS
  2. Operations and shortcuts
  3. Basic Theory
  4. File structure
  5. Example 1: Create model in PICLS
  6. Example 2: Use IDF files, Gerber wiring data, and drill data
  7. CFD Simulation in scSTREAM/HeatDesigner using PICLS data

After registration is accepted, our representative will send you a confirmation e-mail with the webinar link to the e-mail address provided. We reserve the right to decline registration requests at their discretion.



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