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User Conference 2017

User Conference2017

This event ended. Thank you for the attendance and we hope to see you next year.

Software Cradle is to hold User Conference 2017.

The Keynote will feature Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network Project. The project has designed and developed new bobsleighs for Jamaican team, who aims to run for the 2018 Winter Olympics. For the speakers of the conference, we invite Mr. Junichi Hosogai, CEO of Material Corporation, who drives the project as the general manager of the operation, and Mr. Akiyoshi Oku, President of TORAY CARBON MAGIC Co.,LTD., who is in charge of bobsleigh body development. There will also be presentations from our users on their case studies, as well as introductory notes from Software Cradle engineers on new software functions and planned development schedule.

In addition to these highlights, there will be poster sessions by educational organizations and research institutes in both Tokyo and Osaka venues. We will also hold Technical Forum, which has been a continuous success since first started. This year, as well as presentations given by Software Cradle engineers, MSC Software engineers will give presentations on coupled analyses.

We hope that our users will benefit from this special occasion.

Conference Details


Friday, October 20, 2017 10:00 - 17:00 (reception starts from 9:15)
Conference banquet starts from 17:15

Tokyo venue

Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa (Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan) 5F

  • 2-minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station East Exit (access via Shinagawa Station: JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokaido and Yokosuka Lines, Tokaido Shinkansen)
  • 11 minutes from Haneda Airport International Terminal via Keihin Kyuko Line
  • 70 minutes from Narita Airport via Narita Express
Osaka venue (satellite)

Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel (Umeda, Osaka, Japan) 6F

Admission Free (prior application needed)

Conference Schedule

Simultaneous English translation is available through audio guide
Presentation will not be printed on conference book 


Track A/B (combined hall)

9:15-10:00 Reception
• Masayuki Kuba (President and CEO), Software Cradle Co., Ltd.
10:20-11:20  SP Keynote  
• Junichi Hosogai
CEO, Material Corporation
• Akiyoshi Oku

Challenge to the World - Shitamachi Bobsleigh Project!

When Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network Project was started, the team had no experience on developing bobsleighs. Even so, they determinedly aimed for the Olympics. It all began by small factories in Ota ward, Tokyo, who joined hands to achieve one goal – to create a world-class bobsleigh. Inviting one speaker each from Material Corporation, who organized the project throughout, and TORAY CARBON MAGIC, who pumped technical know-how of racing car into bobsleigh development, the presentation will illustrate their challenges for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

 SC-1 CRADLE    

• Makoto Shibahara, Development Department, Software Cradle Co., Ltd.

New Functions of Version 14 and Future Plan

We will introduce the current development progresses and schedules for the new features of scSTREAM, HeatDesigner, SC/Tetra, scFLOW V14 to be released next May, and future plans.


Track A Track B


Track C
Technical Forum
12:00-13:20 Lunch (prior application needed) 12:10-12:40
I Never Visualized This Before! - Versatility of scPOST
12:40-13:20 Break
 A-1 Transportation Equipment 
• Keihin Corporation
The Flow Channel Geometry Optimization of HVAC from a Coupled Analysis using SC/Tetra and Optimus
 B-1 Building and Construction 
Wind Tunnel Tool for Designers and Evaluation of Cool Spot by Human Body Model
The Simple way of Acoustic Analysis using SC/Tetra and Actran
13:55-14:05 Break Break 13:50-14:05 Break
 A-2 Transportation Equipment 
•Texas A&M University
Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Assessment of a High-Lift Wing with a Slat-Cove Filler for Noise Reduction
 B-2 Building and Construction 
•TONETS Corporation
Integration of 3D Scan Data and CFD by In-House Software
More Realistic Fluid-Structual-Mechanical Analysis


14:40-14:50 Break Break 14:35-14:50 Break
I Never Visualized This Before! - Versatility of scPOST
15:20-15:35 Break Break 15:20-15:35 Break
 C-1 Machinery and Heavy Industries 
Application Case of Hydraulic Striking Device using Dynamical Feature of SC/Tetra
 D-1 Electronics   
Large-Scale Analysis over 500 Million Element
The Simple way of Acoustic Analysis using SC/Tetra and Actran
16:10-16:20 Break Break 16:05-16:20 Break
 C-2 Machinery and Heavy Industries 
•Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.
Design and Analysis of Marine Propellers using SC/Tetra
 D-2 Electronics 
Approach for the Thermal Design and Thermal Verification for Electronic Parts and Utilization of Thermal Analysis Tools; Excel-PICLS-CFD Way
More Realistic Fluid-Structual-Mechanical Analysis
16:55-17:00 Closing Closing 16:50-16:55 Closing
17:15-19:00 Conference banquet

* Q&A duration may change depending on the schedule on the day.
* Attendees can choose any session for all Track A, B and C. Auxiliary seats will be provided when regular seats are full. We may not be able to provide enough seats when number reaches maximum capacity.
* Program may change without prior notices. Time may be adjusted depending on the schedule on the day.

Featured Program

 Tokyo and Osaka 

Poster session (12:00-17:20)

 Tokyo and Osaka 

Conference Banquet (17:15-19:00)

Poster sessions will be held in both venues. Designed to provide opportunities for educational organizations and research institutes to introduce their case studies, how they utilize CFD tools, challenges they faced and problems will be featured in poster format.

Conference banquet will be held in both venues. No prior application is needed. Feel free to join us and use this opportunity to discuss ideas with our engineers and other users.

* Free entry/exit

* Pictures are for reference only

Sponsor Details (booths exhibited between 12:00–17:20)

Sponsor exhibitions will be arranged at on the day. Attendees can view the range of products and services offered by Software Cradle partners.



Exhibit venues shown below in colored icons

Sponsors (alphabetical order) Exhibition details
A and A Co.,Ltd.
ThermoRender enables simulating outdoor thermal environment in the course of building construction and urban designs.
BETA CAE Systems Inc.
 Tokyo   Osaka 
High-end Pre/Post processor, ANSA/META, and linked functions with SC/Tetra will be introduced.
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Optimus, an optimization tool for design that makes analyses using SC/Tetra more efficient, will be introduced.
Dell Japan Inc.
HPC Solutions, inc.

 Tokyo   Osaka 
DELL solutions will be introduced.
Foundation for Computational Science
Has been in use by over 260 companies!
FOCUS Supercomputer for cloud environment.
TC Cloud enables using Software Cradle products on daily and pay-per-use basis.
Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
SCSK Corporation

 Tokyo   Osaka 
Hewlett-Packard Japan’s DL380 and HP Workstation Z84 will be introduced.
HPC Systems Inc.
Will introduce workstations and cloud services with optimized calculation environment, developed through close partnership with users.
Information Services International Dentsu, Ltd
PLEXUS CAE, the cloud CAE service that offers choices on the number of CPU and cores depending on user requirements, will be introduced.
MSC Software Ltd.
 Tokyo   Osaka 
Solutions for coupled analyses using MSC Software and Software Cradle products will be introduced.
NEC Corporation
HPC OnLine and LX series, HPC cluster computing services, will be introduced.
Rescale Japan K.K.
ScaleX, a cloud HPC simulation platform, will be introduced.

* All company names, products and service names mentioned are registered trademarks of the respective companies.
* The event details may change without prior notices.


 Pictures from User Conference 2016

How to attend

To attend Software Cradle User Conference 2017, prior application is required. Please follow the guidance below and complete application procedure. Application closes at 17:00 on Thursday, October 12, 2017 (JST).
* For visitors from overseas to attend this event, it is only possible to apply for Tokyo venue.

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