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User Conference 2015

User Conference 2015

This event ended. Thank you for the attendance and we hope to see you next year.

Software Cradle is to hold User Conference 2015. Moved to the venue near Shinagawa Station (Tokyo, Japan), a convenient location for all visitors, this is a great opportunity for our users to meet, share and exchange useful ideas. For the speaker of the special lecture, we invite Professor Marie Oshima from Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo, a figure renowned for the active involvement in various media, who is acclaimed for the research on bio-microfluidics in pursuit of hybridizing engineering and biology.

Presentations will include user case studies to introduce how our products were used, as well as the announcement from our engineer on new features of the latest versions and development schedule. Technical forum*1 will be held this year, where our engineers will give short sessions on how to use popular functions and summaries of articles on our website resource library. Sponsor exhibitions are available throughout the conference.

We hope to that our users will benefit from this special occasion. For details on attendance to User Conference 2015 from overseas, please contact our distributors for details.

*1 Technical forum is held in Tokyo venue only. It will not be available in Osaka satellite venue.

Conference Details


October 16, 2015 10:00 - 17:00 (registration from 9:15)

Tokyo venue

Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa (Tokyo, Japan) 5F
2 minute walk from Konan exit (east side) of JR Shinagawa Station. To JR Shinagawa Station, you can use railway lines such as JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokaido Line, Yokosuka Line, and Tokaido Shinkansen.

Osaka venue (satellite)

Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel (Umeda, Osaka, Japan) 6F
3 minute walk from JR Osaka Station, or 3-5 minute walk from Umeda Station, or 1 minute walk from Kitashinchi Station (JR Tozai Line)

Registration Free
Prior registration needed. To attend the event from overseas, please contact our distributors  for details.

Conference Schedule

…Presentations not available in print (materials used in technical forum will not be printed)



Track A/B (great hall)

09:15-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:15 Opening
Marie Oshima
 SP Special Lecture  

• Professor Marie Oshima, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo

Development of Integrated System of Simulation and Medical Images for Predicitive Medicine
The carotid artery stenting is becoming a widely used surgery for a severe stenosis. The authors have been developing an integrated system of multi-simulations with consideration of the entire blood circulation and medical image data to provide useful information to examine the cerebral circulation after the surgery. In the seminar, the simulation system will be presented with the specific examples and the future perspectives will be also discussed.

 T-1 Software Cradle  

• Norihiko Watanabe, Software Engineering Department, Software Cradle Co., Ltd.

New Functions of the Next Versions and Future Plan

New features of SC/Tetra, scSTREAM, and Heat Designer V13 RC1, and the plan of V13 will be introduced.

12:05-13:20 Lunch (prior registration needed)



Track A Track B Time Track C
Technical forum
 A-1 Building
Presentation in Japanese 
• Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Transient Analysis for Predicting A/C Performance of Housing Environment by CFD Co-cycle Simulation

This research supplemented enthalpy error about heat transfer from external environment and discharge temperature of internal environment and analyzed the impact of latent heat by enhancing wall boundary condition in order to obtain the analytical accuracy. In addition, this research formulated whole systems by using the 1D Cycle-simulation program developed by SAMSUNG and enabled the system to anticipate the cooling speed that is indoor temperature changing time by unsteady states simulation through 3D CFD commercial program coupled.

 B-1 Machinery and others 
• JX Engineering Corporation
Application Case Study of User Functions for SC/Tetra and scSTREAM Operation

It is possible to undertake more advanced and complicated evaluations by applying user functions to SC/Tetra and scSTREAM operation. The presentation will illustrate several case studies to show the effectiveness of user functions compared to the standard operations. Case studies include; designing electric furnaces that implemented PID controllers to adjust heat emitting conditions, and achieving low-cost transient analysis of gas replacement process by accounting for buoyancy caused by density difference in incompressible fluid analysis.

 T-2 Software Cradle 
New Functions of Moving Object and Analysis Case Studies

The speaker will briefly explain the moving function in scSTREAM and how it can be used. The session will include summary on the new functions available from V12 released in June and its analysis examples.

 T-3 Software Cradle 
Introduction and Application Examples of Thermal Analysis Functions for Electronics

The speaker will introduce useful functions of scSTREAM and HeatDesigner for thermal analyses, which have been added in recent years. ElectronicPartsMaker, PICLS, and other related tools will also be noted.

14:00-14:35  A-2 Building 
Large-scale Analyses of Airflow in LNG Plant Facility using scSTREAM on the FOCUS Supercomputer

In LNG plant, inappropriate device allocation and changes in wind directions could result in deterioration of facility capability and emergency shutdown by encouraging the exhaust heat from air-cooled heat exchangers enter air inlet. In order to optimize the facility operation, JGC CORPORATION conducted large-scale analyses using scSTREAM on the FOCUS supercomputer to evaluate wind environment of the LNG plant surroundings.

 B-2 Machinery and others  
• PRIMIX Corporation
Analysis of Dispersion Aggregates in High Speed Mixers

High speed mixers are hydraulic rotating equipment used for dispersion, mixing, and emulsification of chemicals such as paints. They are also used in the manufacturing process of cosmetics, medicine, and food products. Applying CFD to estimate the machine capability is effective for new product development, quality improvement, and expansion of production scale. The presentation will illustrate the validation results of CFD simulation case example that used high speed camera, and method to compare particle dispersion in shear velocity analysis.

 T-4 Software Cradle 
Become an Expert of Postprocessor Now!

The developer will reveal the secret story of when and how Cradle’s Postprocessor was born and directly tell tips to use Postprocessor thoroughly. In addition, he will also tell you relatively-unknown functions for data lightening, high-speed processing, and making your analysis results attractive in a simple way.

 S-1 Sponsor    
• CreDist,Inc.
CAE Cloud Service for HPC that Can be Executed from Job Submission Process - CAE Solution to Let Go of Additional Tasks

Although the demand for CAE cloud services has been increasing, a considerable amount of surrounding tasks is required in many cases. CreDist offers the onpremise cloud service that can be used with minimal surrounding tasks. Analysis jobs can be submitted as soon as the cloud service is launched.

 S-2 Sponsor    
• NEC Corporation/NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
Cloud-based HPC OnLine and LX Series, an HPC Cluster Computing Service

HPC OnLine service can be used to solve problems that occur when using cloud analysis services. User case studies of using SC/Tetra via HPC OnLine services will also be introduced. LX series offers on-oremise solution through HPC cluster system developed according to clients' requirements. This session will illustrate the bene ts offered by HPC OnLine, the cloud service trusted by a significant number of firms.



15:00-15:30  T-5 Software Cradle 

Beginners' Tips on Applying VOF Method

The speaker will demonstrate how to deal with VOF method, ways to solve radiation problems, and tips to ease engineers' tasks. Analysis examples that used VOF and other functions will also be noted.

15:15-15:35 Intermission  
15:35-16:10  C-1 Transportation equipment  
Automating Duct Analyses using SC/Tetra

Aiming to minimize the lead time and amount of analysis tasks, we constructed an automating system, which helped standardize the workflow for duct analyses. It also enabled design engineers to perform analyses more easily as analyses can be conducted using familiar applications such as CATIA and Excel.

 D-1 Electronics 
• Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thermal Design Approach with the Application of HeatDesigner

Our company uses self developed simulator in CAE tasks throughout product development and design phases. As it is difficult to perform analyses of a power unit, where large-scale calculations and consideration for CFD must be accounted, we have also been using HeatDesigner from 10 years ago. The presentation illustrates what measures were taken to overcome unexpected difficulties.

 T-6 Software Cradle 
Master Course for Fluid Simulation Analysis of Multi-phase Flows

Continued improvements in computer hardware and software capabilities are making multi-phase flow problems solvable using fluid simulation analyses. I show analysis examples of STREAM and SC/Tetra.

16:15-16:50  T-9 Software Cradle  
The original session was replaced with the following presentation.

Introduction of a New Thermo-Fluid Analysis System with Unstructured Mesh scFLOW

The development of scFLOW, a new unstructured mesh solver, is in progress. Prior to the planned release of the pilot version in November, we will illustrate the characteristics of scFLOW and the current situation of development. Case study examples that are included in the pilot version will also be introduced.

 D-2 Electronics  
• Panasonic Corporation

Eco Solutions Company
Application of Thermal Fluid analysis by Design Engineers to Minimize Development

The increased demand for highly efficient, long-lasting lighting equipment has encouraged rapid product transition to LEDs in the lighting industry. It was essentail to maintain the diverse product range as LEDs can be used for many purposes, such as residential, commercial, and outdoor uses. The presentation will outline systematized measures that enabled design engineers to perform highly accurate thermal fluid analyses in order to minimize development time.

 T-7 Software Cradle 
Basic Course of Thermo-Fluid Analysis in 20 Minutes

This session will provide a 20-minute summary on the serialized articles available on Software Cradle website. Intended for CFD beginners, the speaker will provide fundamental principles of thermal fluid analysis.

 T-8 Software Cradle 
Learn in Few Seconds! The Essential on Turbulence and Turbulence Models

This session is designed to describe turbulence and turbulence model in the simplest manner. The speaker will use everyday examples to explain turbulence mechanism and actual case studies to demonstrate turbulence calculations.

16:50-17:00 Closing Closing    
17:15-19:00 After party

* Please note that time for Q and A may change depending on the progress pace of the day.
* Prior registration is not necessary for choosing presentations. In some sessions attendees may be required to use auxiliary seats.
* Technical forum will not be shown in Osaka satellite venue. Recorded videos of the sessions and presentation data will be available on User Page after the conference. Please note that the number of seats is limited to 30-40 attendees for technical forum. You may not be admitted if all seats are full.
* Please note that programs and schedule may change without prior notice.

Featured Program

 Tokyo    New!

Technical forum (13:20-16:45)

 Tokyo and Osaka   New!

Technical consultation (13:20-15:30)

 Tokyo and Osaka 

After party(17:15-19:00)

Technical forum will be held in Track C, Tokyo venue. The forum consists of short sessions spanning 20 – 30 minutes that illustrate details of popular functions and summaries of articles available on Software Cradle website. Attendees are free to enter/exit.
* Seating will be first-come-first-served basis due to the limited number of seats

Technical consultation will be available in Track D for both Tokyo and Osaka venues. Attendees can come freely and ask questions about the problems. Time permitted for the consultation is restricted.

After parties will be held in both Tokyo and Osaka venues for our users and engineers to openly exchange and discuss ideas.

* Free entrance/exit

Sponsor Details (booths exhibited between 12:00–17:30 at foyer)

Sponsor exhibitions will be arranged at foyer. Attendees can view the range of products and services offered by Software Cradle partners.

Sponsor list

Sponsors (silver sponsors are listed in in alphabetical order) Exhibition details  * …Will be exhibited at Osaka
 Silver sponsor 
A&A Co.,Ltd.
Simulation analysis of wind and heat through coupling Vectorworks+ThermoRender Pro and scSTREAM
 Silver Sponsor 
Altair Engineering, LTD.
HyperWorks - simulation, and CAE technology for optimal engineering design
 Gold sponsor 

CAE Cloud Service for HPC that Can be executed from job submission process

- CAE solution to let go of additional tasks

 Silver Sponsor 
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Optimus streamlines design optimization process: analysis using SC/Tetra can be more efficient
 Silver Sponsor 
Dassault Systemes *
Solutions offered by SIMULIA, the provider of realstic simulations
 Silver Sponsor 
Foundation for Computational Science *

Extend the use of supercomputers

Cloud services using FOCUS supercomputers for industrial uses

 Silver Sponsor 
HPC solution offered by FUJITSU that enables high speed processing of CFD software
 Silver Sponsor 
Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd./SCSK Corporation (collaborative exhibition)
Introduction of Workstation z840 offered by HP Japan Inc., the provider known for analysis hardware in Japan
 Silver Sponsor 
HPC Solutions,inc./Dell Inc. (collaborative exhibition)
Calculation system that uses DELL PowerEdge and the latest 100Gb Ethernet
 Silver Sponsor 
Information Services International Dentsu,Ltd.
PLEXUS CAE, the cloud CAE service that enables the usage of analysis software for pay-per-use plan
 Silver Sponsor  * Only exhibited in Osaka

CAD/CAE VDI Solution

Experience virtual desktop environment

 Silver sponsor 
MSC Software Ltd.*
Analysis examples of noise, fluid noise, mitigation of seismic motion, and exhaust noise using Actran, the acoustic analysis software
 Gold Sponsor 
NEC Corporation/NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.* (collaborative exhibition)
Cloud-based HPC onLine and LX series, an HPC cluster computing service
 Silver Sponsor 
TOP CAE Corporation
Introduction of SC/Tetra related functions of ANSA/μETA, the high-end pre/postprocessors



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* Please note that the attendance to this event requires prior registration.

* All product and service names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
* Conference details may change without prior notice.