The Windows version of scSTREAM can be controlled from an external program such as Visual Basic by using "Microsoft COM technology". Operations from software start-up to exit and virtually all other software commands, can use "Microsoft COM technology" to remotely activate and control scSTREAM. Automating processes or creating custom menus helps improve operating efficiencies and make the software more user friendly for design engineers.

Automatic Report Generation

In the CAE design and development process, multiple analyses are often performed to evaluatehow well a design performs under various conditions. After calculations are complete, the results are visualized using the Post-processor and saved as picture files. The graphics files are pasted into a word processor to make a report. Usually, this is a manual process with the steps being repeated over and over again.

In scSTREAM these repetitive operations can be automated using the macro function. The post-processor and the word processor are automatically launched when the macro is executed and the images are automatically pasted into the word processor.

Custom pre-defined formats can be used to generate reports depending on the information being communicated. This makes it possible to compare cases, display many parts in a document, and insert images between sentences.

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