Applications for scSTREAM

Environment/Civil Engineering

Wind environment around buildings in the design stage


Air flow patterns around buildings in urban area are always changing as air passes around the buildings. Strong winds can be predicted through urban areas, a function of the layout of the buildings. More and more, simulating the wind environment is an analysis being performed during the design process.
Experimental observations, wind tunnel tests, and numerical simulation are being used together to predict wind effects.


Wind tunnel tests are commonly used for predicting the wind environment prediction; however, wind tunnel tests are limited by available test time, high facility costs and time required for model making.
A specialized modeler or CAD software can be used to help construct the simulation model by using topographic data of the area being studies.
Analysis results enable visualizing the wind velocity and open the door to evaluating design improvements.


  • Wind environment
  • Heat island
  • Exhaust heat diffusion from outdoor system
  • Gas diffusion from a chimney

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