The SC/Tetra Pre-processor is used to prepare the geometry data for computation. It generates the computational mesh and defines boundary conditions. SC/Tetra's pre-processor is equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) with Wizard based condition settings and CAD model repair functionality.

Mesh Generation

SC/Tetra uses an octant to specify the mesh resolution for a geometry and creates grids using the Advancing Front Method. It can create tetrahedron, pentahedron, and hexahedron elements. Prism layers can be inserted at walls to provide fine grid resolution in the boundary layer.

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Adaptive Mesh Refinement

The Adaptive Mesh Refinement function can automatically refine the mesh resolution according to the calculation situation. It determines the gradients of velocity, pressure and temperature, and automatically refines the mesh to control the gradient magnitude An adaptive mesh can be automatically requested to provide satisfactory resolution with the least number of cells.

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Condition Setting

SC/Tetra is general purpose CFD software that can simulate many different physical phenomena. Usually, CFD software having many functional options tends to be complicated and difficult to use. However, SC/Tetra uses a well organized Wizard to guide setting boundary conditions for the selected phenomenon, which simplifies the process.

The SC/Tetra Wizard enables the user to choose which phenomenon will be simulated. It is enhanced to show only those items that are necessary for the chosen phenomenon. This enables the user to set the condition without any confusion.

Each Wizard shows only regions to which certain condition can be applied. This also helps minimize input error.

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CAD Data Repair Function

SC/Tetra can import 3D data in STL and DXF formats. If the 3D data has defects in it, a computational mesh cannot be created. The SC/Tetra pre-processor contains powerful geometry diagnostic and repair functionality that rival 3rd party grid generation software. Cradle's CADthru software can also be used to automatically repair 3D models.

SC/Tetra is equipped with a wrapping function that is capable of fixing errors in the CAD geometry with greater precision than can be achieved manually. This function can also be used to simplify the geometry.

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List of Pre-processor Function

Shape Geometry data modification CAD interface Parasolid(.x_t) , STEP , STL , DXF(3D-FACE), CATIA V5(.catpart, catproduct), CATIA V4(.model, .session, .exp), Pro/Engineer(.asm, .prt), SolidWorks(.sldasm, sldprt), Autodesk Inventor(.ipt, iam), UG NX(.prt), IGES(.iges, .igs), ACIS SAT(.sat), Solid Edge(.par), VDAFS(.vda), CADthru(.ct3, .ct2)*
Geometry (Mesh)
ABAQUS(.inp) , ANSYS(.cdb) , Design Space(.dat)
I-DEAS(.unv) , NASTRAN(.nas)
Plot3D(.fmt, .p2dfmt, p3dfmt, .dat), CGNS(.cngs)
Data correction function Detection and modification of overlapping surfaces
Detection and modification of crossed surfaces
Detection and modification of free edge
Detection and modification of edges and surfaces at minute scales
Creation of missing surface
Wrapping (inside/outside), Creation of missing surface
Geometry modification function Creation of region (Cuboid, Cylinder, Sphere)
Surface creation by sweep (Translate, Rotate, Face Normal, Helix)
Extraction of point and outline
Mesh Generation Automated mesh generation  Advancing front method, Serial/parallel procession
Element generation by sweep Translate, Rotate, Face Normal, Helix
Prism layer insertion Before/After volume meshing
Adaptive Mesh Steady-state
Analysis condition setting Interactive setting  Condition Wizard
Operation, Controlled environment Tree style menu  
Automatic sequential execution Mesh generation to solver execution
Parallel processing* Local mode, Cluster mode
Macro functions Operational history (.his file)
Registration functions Hot key registration
Mouse operation Compliance with CAD
External program control VB Interface

Red: New functions of V10

Blue: Upgraded functions

*CADthru is a product of Software Cradle

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