Solver calculates the flow field using the mesh, boundary conditions, and calculation conditions defined in the Pre-processor. The user merely specifies the input file name/location. The calculation process can be monitored. The input data file created in HeatDesigner can be also used with the scSTREAM software.

High-speed Calculation

One of the principal advantages of HeatDesigner is its high calculation speed... just like scSTREAM. Thermal design frequently requires many "what if" studies. Therefore it is very important to obtain many results with minimal preprocessing and calculation time.

Fast calculation times also enable large models to be solved in acceptable times. This enables use of complicated CAD data with little or no modifications to the original CAD data.

--- Examples of Calculation Speed ---
1) LCD projector, 4,510,000 elements, 128 cycles, 4 hours and 28 minutes (Opteron885 2.6GHz)
2) DVD car navigation system, 3,530,000 elements, 128 cycles, 2 hours and 17 minutes (Pentium4 3.6GHz)
3) PCB, 690000 elements, 171 cycles, 30 minutes (AthlonMP 1.8GHz)

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Monitoring Function

With this function, check to see if the analysis is progressing properly by monitoring the convergence, flow rate, and temperature in the middle of computational domain. The calculations can also be suspended and resumed.

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Comparison of Calculational Functions of HeatDesigner and scSTREAM

Calculational functions HeatDesigner scSTREAM
Mesh Structured mesh Cartesian coordinate system
Cylindrical coordinate system  
Unstructured mesh (Moving object)  
Numerical scheme Finite volume method  
Finite element method (Moving object)  
Mesh-related functions
Periodic boundary    
Physical models Fluid Incompressible fluid
Compressible fluid  
Turbulence models Standard k-ε models
High-Reynolds-Number   2 types
Low-Reynolds-Number 1 type 2 type
Algebraic stress model  
Temperature field two-equation   2 type
Thermal analysis Conduction (solid/fluid)
Convection heat transfer
Turbulent heat transfer
Radiation View factor
Flux method  
Fan model  
Fin model  
Heat conduction panel (Consider radiation)
Joule heat  
Solar radiation    
Free surface    
Multi-fluid flow    
Particle tracking    
Chemical reaction    
Thermal circuit model  
Function table Boundary condition
User-defined functions    
Calculation control environment On-line monitoring system  
Large scale calculation   100 million 1 billion
Parallel computation*    
External program VB Interface
Job management  

Red: New functions of V10

Blue: Upgraded functions

*Optional license required

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