Pre-Processor is the part of the software that prepares the data for the solver. It is able to create shapes or clean/repair CAD generated geometries, generate meshes and define boundary conditions. HeatDesigner's Pre-processor is equipped with a specialized GUI for electronics thermal design.

Wizard tools

The solver in HeatDesigner uses an interactive Wizard that permits specification of the calculation parameters that control the calculation convergence rate. HeatDesigner can also automatically set the calculation parameters by specifying the target object of the calculation.

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CAD Import

HeatDesigner can import 3D CAD data (e.g. Palasolid(X_T), STEP(.stp), STL and IDF) data, which defines model geometry for electronic circuit board design. Useful functions include the simplification of complicated geometry, the batch deletion by size, and click-designated deletion which is able to use CAD data that includes complex components, or too few and/or too many parts.

The wizard also enables placement of parts and assembly, scale conversion, and creation of multiple computational domains.

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CSV file

Normally the user defines material properties individually. However, an exhaustive effort is required for models that contain hundreds or even thousands of parts. The probability of an error also greatly increases. HeatDesigner uses a CSV file interface which enables the user to create a parts data list in Excel format with part name, material property, heat flux, etc, greatly reducing the amount of set-up time and effort.

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Part generation/Library

Geomery creation in HeatDesigner provides standard modeling tool such as cuboids and cylinders besides importing CAD data. The Sketch function is adopted in HeatDesigner to create geometries on a blueprint.

Moreover, exclusive parts such as cooling fins for electronic equipment, and fans, piping, or anemostats for air conditioning systems are prepared in HeatDesigner. Parts used repeatedly can be registered to the library.

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Condition Setting

HeatDesigner focuses on simulating air flow and heat transfer, so that condition setting can be easily done in accordance with wizard.

HeatDesigner is based on scSTREAM, multi purpose thermal fluid analysis system with structured mesh, and they basically share the same wizard. Therefore, you can smoothly move up to scSTREAM wizard if you want to use more functions of scSTREAM.

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Mesh Generation

The stuctured grid in HeatDesigner is simple and easy to use. HeatDesigner mesh generation is practically automatic and suitable for complex geometries. The multiblock function offers the capability to locally refine the grids in a particular area. Multiblock can be used to locally increase grid resolution in high gradient regions such as around buildings in a wind environment and in the vicinity of small electronic devices. A new meshing capability in HeatDesigner is called Connect Block. Connect Block permits connecting groups of multiblocks together. This is especially useful when meshing objects that are locate very close to one another, a common situation on an electronics circuit board. Locally refining grid resolution only where needed also reduces the memory needs and computation time while maintaining high accuracy.

HeatDesigner is utilized with structured mesh (Cartesian and cylindrical coordinate). It enables automatic mesh generation using standard length and geometric ratio. You can save the time to set the mesh every time when you create or import a part, because the number of mesh divisions can be set on each part.

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The preprocessor in HeatDesigner features a macro function. The macro function can construct a special menu to automate a series of operations that are repeated often.

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Deformation Function (rectangular approximation)

Under certain conditions the uniform mesh generated by the automatic mesh generator may not be desireable. A nonuniform mesh may be better for more accurately capturing the geometry. To create a more robust mesh, the geometry can be converted into shapes with a staircase pattern prior to mesh generation. This enables the user to fix the mesh location while maintaining the correct surface area and volume after meshing.

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Preprocessor Function List

Modeling function CAD interface Parasolid(X_T), STEP, STL, XGL, IDF
Gerber data(RS-274D, RS-274X)*, CATIA V5(.catpart, .catproduct), CATIA V4(.model, .session, .exp), Pro/Engineer(.asm, .prt), SolidWorks(.sldasm, sldprt), Autodesk Inventor(.ipt, iam), UG NX(.prt), IGES(.iges, .igs), ACIS SAT(.sat), Solid Edge(.par), VDAFS(.vda)
Geometry (parts) creation Cuboid, Hexahedron, Cylinder, Conical base, Sphere, Panel, Quadrilateral panel, Point, Thermal design parts (Enclosure, Plate fin, Pin fin, Card guide, Slit punching, Thermal circuit model (Two-resistor, Delphi), Peltier device), Fan, Axial-flow fan, Blower fan, Sketch parts (Extrusion, Revolved body, Cutout, Face division, Fan, Axial-flow fan, Slit punching)
Physical models for parts Fan model, Pressure loss model, Multiple-resistor model, Circuit board model, Heatpipe model
Geometry modification Bool operation, Simplification tool, Parts arrangement, fine volume deletion
Mouse operation for 3D layout
Translation and creation based on the relative coordinates of a part
Parts management function Library Registration
Mesh Generation Grid shape Multi-block cuboid,
Automated mesh generation Total number specification for elements, automated vertex detection
Mesh (block) control Internal & external geometric ratio specification, By mouse
Detail meshing Uniform/Geometric ratio control, Element number/Coordinates/Part specification control
Analysis condition setting feature Wizard setting Initial setting, Condition setting
Collective setting using csv file
Condition setting check List Display, Relation Display
Operation/Control function External interface VB interface
Operation registration Mouse operation

Red:New functions of V10

Blue: Upgraded functions

*1)Supported Gerber data: CR5000/Board Designer Cadence ALLEGRO (RS274X only)
CR5000/Board Designer is the registered trademark.
"ALLEGRO" is licensed from, and copyrighted by Cadence Design Systems.

** Optional license required

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