CradleViewer is a simple viewer for viewing simulation results from SC/Tetra, scSTREAM, and/or HeatDesigner.
Using CradleViewer, modeled objects can be turned, moved, expanded and reduced. The object can also be viewed by turning on and off the pre-set images/animation.


latest version


Downloading the latest version of CradleViewer

CradleViewer (v20120203) 1.70MB

Please use the program after you download it onto your computer.

Please read the End User Agreement for CradleViewer [PDF(32KB)]

Feature expansion package

Installation tool to paste the CradleViewer onto Office application

CradleViewerOcxInst (v20120203) 3.09MB

Make sure you save it into your PC before use.
Please see [HELP] in the toolbar at the time of application start up to understand how to use viewer after the installer application has been downloaded.


  • CradleViewer can only read a " .CradleViewer" file.
  • Operation may not work correctly depending on the PC environment.
  • May not be compatible with Apple Macintosh.
  • CradleViewer is a re-distribution free program.
  • CradleViewer's specifications or configuration may change without a notice.
  • You may use CradleViewer based on User License Agreement.
  • To remove CradleViewer, simply delete the downloaded files to the trash bin.

Creating a file for CradleViewer (for an user)

  • You can create a CradleViewer file within the postprocessors for SC/Tetra V7, scSTREAM V7, and Heat Designer V6.
  • All the displayed objects in the postprocessor will be output to a CradleViewer file.(Hidden objectswill not be output)
  • CradleViewer is not compatible with a display methods with changing cycles (e.g. transient analysis).
  • Should you have a question regarding how to creating a CradleViewer file, please contact your support representative

Supported Platforms

OS Windows XP Professional Edition
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Windows Vista Business (32bit , 64bit)
Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit , 64bit)
Windows 7 Professional (32bit , 64bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit , 64bit)
Misc An Open GL graphics card recommended
Input file CradleViewer file

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