Cradle Viewer

Cradle Viewer is a simple viewer for viewing simulation results from SC/Tetra, scSTREAM, and/or Heat Designer.
Using Cradle Viewer, modeled objects can be turned, moved, expanded and reduced. The object can also be viewed by turning on and off the pre-set images/animation.


latest version


Downloading the latest version of Cradle Viewer

Cradle Viewer (v20120203) 1.70MB

Please use the program after you download it onto your computer.

Please read the End User Agreement for Cradle Viewer [PDF(32KB)]

Feature expansion package

Installation tool to paste the Cradle Viewer onto Office application

CradleViewerOcxInst (v20120203) 3.09MB

Make sure you save it into your PC before use.
Please see [HELP] in the toolbar at the time of application start up to understand how to use viewer after the installer application has been downloaded.


  • Cradle Viewer can only read a " .Cradle Viewer" file.
  • Operation may not work correctly depending on the PC environment.
  • May not be compatible with Apple Macintosh.
  • Cradle Viewer is a re-distribution free program.
  • Cradle Viewer's specifications or configuration may change without a notice.
  • You may use Cradle Viewer based on User License Agreement.
  • To remove Cradle Viewer, simply delete the downloaded files to the trash bin.

Creating a file for Cradle Viewer (for an user)

  • You can create a Cradle Viewer file within the postprocessors for SC/Tetra V7, scSTREAM V7, and Heat Designer V6.
  • All the displayed objects in the postprocessor will be output to a Cradle Viewer file.(Hidden objectswill not be output)
  • Cradle Viewer is not compatible with a display methods with changing cycles (e.g. transient analysis).
  • Should you have a question regarding how to creating a Cradle Viewer file, please contact your support representative

Supported Platforms

OS Windows XP Professional Edition
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Windows Vista Business (32bit , 64bit)
Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit , 64bit)
Windows 7 Professional (32bit , 64bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit , 64bit)
Misc An Open GL graphics card recommended
Input file Cradle Viewer file

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