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CADthru is used to convert CAD data into CFD format. Modifications to the CAD data and/or diagnostics to repair CAD defects, are separate processes. CADthru can automatically create all the input settings required by SC/Tetra, and it will output all the basic geometry data required by SC/Tetra.


Recommended when working with:
  • Shell models created in CAD
    ⇒Filled/Hollow areas cannot be recognized
  • Parts not modeled in CAD, such as resin and packing
    ⇒Gaps or holes a­ffect physical phenomena and simulation results
  • Models with many detailed components
    ⇒Where analysis scale is very large

CADthru diagnoses defects in CAD data, fixes problematic features, and outputs model data that is compatible with Cradle CFD products.


CADthru workflow

Automatic Cleaning

automatic cleaning

The automatic cleaning function finds defects in CAD data and automatically repairs interfering faces and multiedges.

Extraction of Fluid Regions

Extraction of fluid regions

CAD software is usually used to create the geometry of the solid parts. CFD is used to model the fluid region surrounding or contained within these parts. The extraction function automatically creates the fluid regions from the CAD data.

Automatic Definition of Material Properties and Condition Regions

Automatic definition of material properties and condition regions

Part names and colors configured in CAD can be inherited by CADthru and used to automatically define material properties and condition regions. This function is helpful when an analysis model contains many parts or is repeatedly used for parametric studies.

Product Configuration

User's Guide (electronic version)
Sample Data

* All provided upon installation (downloaded from the Web).

Supported Data Formats

File format File extension
CATIA V5 CATPart, CATproduct, CGR
CATIA V4 model, exp, session, dlv, dlv3
Creo Elements/Pro(Pro/Engineer) prt, asm, xpr, xas
SolidWorks sldprt, sldasm
NX prt
SolidEdge par, psm, asm
Inventor ipt, iam
ACIS sat
Parasolid x_t, xmt_txt, x_b, xmt_bin
STEP stp, step
IGES iges, igs
STL stl
DXF dxf

*Names of CAD systems are, in general, registered trademarks or trademarks of respective companies.

Application Examples
Azbil Corporation


Achieving Size Miniaturization and Noise Reduction of Control Valves

  • SCRYU/Tetra
  • CADthru


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