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Visual Basic Automation Seminar

Objective This seminar will introduce the use of automation in the Windows environment to enhance productivity with Cradle CFD software. The general capabilities and impacts of automation will be discussed initially. The interface of Visual Basic tools with Cradle products will then be presented, including a brief introduction to both VBS and VBA technologies. Hands-on examples will then give the attendee the opportunity to develop VBA and VBS examples for SC/Tetra.
Course Outline 1. Benefits of automation
2. Overview of automation for Cradle software
3. Introduction to Visual Basic, VBS and VBA
4. VBS Ex. 1: SCT/pre - mesh generation and analysis setting
5. VBS Ex. 2: SCT/solver - running a simulation
6. VBS Ex. 3: SCT/post - postprocessing
7. VBA Ex: SCT/pre - mesh generation and analysis setting
Software Requirements VBS automation: Windows O/S already supports VB Script
VBA automation: Microsoft Office standard license includes Excel with Visual Basic for Applications

*The course outline is subject to change.

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