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User-Defined Function(UDF) Seminar

Objective This seminar will introduce the use of User Functions to extend the functionality of the SC/Tetra CFD software. The general steps involved in preparing dynamic link libraries for the Windows O/S, using Visual Studio, will be explained initially. This will be followed by hands-on examples that will include programming and compiling User Functions, as well as executing SC/Tetra simulations that utilize the sample User Functions. The preparation of shared library User Functions for the Linux environment will also be covered.
Course Outline 1. Introduction to User Functions in SC/Tetra
2. Generation of DLL User Function for Windows O/S with Visual Studio
3. Ex. 1: Particle release from a moving nozzle
4. Ex. 2: Temperature and heat transfer in a piston
5. Ex. 3: Spatial variation of body forces
6. Generation of shared library User Function for Linux O/S using C compiler
Software Requirements (for attendee to use automation on their own computer)
Windows O/S: No additional software needs to be purchased; Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 is a free download
Linux O/S: Intel C compiler or Portland C compiler is required

*The course outline is subject to change.

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