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Software Cradle 21th Users' Conference (October.21 2011)
[Special Lecture] Osaka Prefecture Univeersity Bio-system Inspired Optimization Algorithm (BIOA) - Application of BIOA to Control Systems in Plant Factory -
MARUYASU INDUSTRIES co.,ltd. Optimization of the EGR cooler using CFD
Panasonic Corporation Computer Simulation Technologies for the Development of Digital AV Products
Denso Corporation Analysis system for HVAC
Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd Development of High Performance Gasket Using CFD
FUJITSU LIMITED PC-cluster solution developed by Fujitsu - enabling to speed-up the development process and to improve high operational development efficiency
Cybernet Systems Co.,Ltd. Optimal design of compact axial fun using SC/Tetra and optimal design assistant tool, Optimus
CEDIC CO., LTD. Underhood analysis module development and applications using SC/Tetra
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. Introduction of BIM(Building Information Modeling) support and CAD interface
National Museum of Nature and Science Computational fluid dynamics approach to morphological evolution of extinct animals
Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. The collaboration between BIM and environment simulation in Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.
TORISHIMA PUMP MFG. CO., LTD. Roll of CFD in the pump development ~Torishima's challenge to win in the world~
TAKENAKA CORPORATION Development of personal air conditioner using SC/Tetra
Software Cradle 22th Users' Conference (October,19 2012)
[Special Lecture] Tokai University Technologies of World's Fastest Solar Car
Software Cradle Co., Ltd. New Functions of the Next Versions and Future Plan
HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY Study about Cabin Temperature of EV Vehicle Using Heat Source
Valeo Thermal Systems A Combined Approach to Optimize by Simulation the Aerodynamic Function of the Fan System Used for Engine Cooling in Automotive Application
RICOH COMPANY, LTD. Application of CFD Analysis to a Whole Copier Including Heat Transport of Paper
ZSAS Inc Efficient Collaboration of the Tools for a Thermal Design Through the Utilization of ThermoSherapa and Heat Designer
Tokyo National College of Technology The Application of Fluid Analysis and Experimental Analysis for the Investigation of Peculiar Phenomena in Fluid Machineries
Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd. Numerical and Experimental Investigation into Propulsion and Cavitation Performance of Marine Propeller
DAI-DAN Co., LTD. Practical Use of scSTREAM in Development of Misting and A/C System (Econo Spot)

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