Engineering Services

As the developer of CFD software with 30 years of industrial experience, Software Cradle also provides valuable engineering services to help customers improve their simulation process efficiencies. These include software customization, automation, and optimization, as well as traditional services such as mesh generation, solution, and post- processing.

STEP1 Contact

Initial contact with a description of work, schedule, and budget requirements.

【USA】Sales Dep.
TEL:+1-937-912-5798 FAX:+1-513-672-0523
【Tokyo】Sales Dep.
TEL:+81-3-5435-5641 FAX:+81-3-5435-5645
【Osaka】Sales Dep.
TEL:+81-6-6343-5641 FAX:+81-6-6343-5580

STEP2 Consulting

Face-to-face meeting or teleconference to clarify requirements.

  • Shape data (CAD data orb drawing)
  • Data/documents/materials that contains analysis information

STEP3 Quotation/Suggestions

Cradle provides proposal including scope, content, schedule, milestones, and cost.
Final negotiations, Customer approves proposal and provides authorization to start work.

STEP4 Analysis

  • Analysis of the habitats of office room and exterior specification of office buildings
  • Effects of displacement ventilation in a caltural facility
  • Thermal-fluid analysis of a sports facility
  • Ventilation of residential buildings
  • Outdoor wind environment
  • Numerical prediction of heat island
  • Effects of breakwater
  • Fluid analysis of drainage system/intake pipe
  • Thermal analysis on electronics devices for automobile use
  • Thermal resistance analysis of cooling fins
  • Aerodynamic analysis of automobiles
  • Heat emissions in an engine room
  • Thermal-fluid analysis of manifold
  • Thermal-fluid analysis of precision measuring equipment

STEP5 Invoice of analysis results

Cradle submits final product (e.g. report, data, computer program)

  • A complete set of analysis report
  • Brief summary of analysis methods, Observations
  • Figures of analysis results (Velocity vectors, Pressure contour, Temperature contour, Pressure contour, etc.)
  • Analysis data digital values, Graphs
  • Animation
  • Analysis input/output data
  • Presentation materials (ppt file)

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Engineering Service