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Our commitment is to our customers  in innovation focused industries :  we strive to deliver unparalleled software, support, and services that enable you to push technology boundaries resulting in new and improved products that enhance the quality of life for everyone..

Established in 1984, Software Cradle has long been dedicated to developing the industry's most reliable, accurate, and efficient CFD software.
Throughout this time, both the social system and industrial structure we live in have dramatically changed. With continuing improvements in technology, the world is changing at an incredible pace, and product development cycle time have dramatically shortened . Capability and speed are the hallmarks of satisfying the needs of our networked society. This means our software solutions must accurately model a vast array of complex real world physics, and we must produce these solutions quickly.
Successfully answering the needs of our age demands that Cradle, a collection of professionals with individual abilities and backgrounds, work together to share and achieve this common goal.

As an innovator in the 21st century, we are determined to develop software that is:

1. Worthy and Essential
2. Creative and Beyond Comparison
3. Capable of opening new frontiers

This is what we seek.

Software Cradle Co., Ltd.
President Ichiro Komada

Ichiro Komada

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